PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari Unleash the Masters of Camouflage Collection

August 7, 2023
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PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari Unleash the Masters of Camouflage Collection
© Photo: PUMA

Rev your engines and lace up your sneakers, because the iconic brands PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari are redefining boundaries with their electrifying “Masters of Camouflage” collection. Pulsating with the adrenaline of the racing track and the mysterious allure of car prototypes, this collection is a fashion fusion that takes both the automotive and style worlds by storm.

Fueling this synergy of fashion and automotive design, PUMA collaborates with Scuderia Ferrari, crafting a collection that merges the relentless spirit of the racing world with the chic street-style PUMA is renowned for. With the launch of the “Masters of Camouflage” collection, they’ve tapped into the mysterious realm of car prototypes, infusing it into the intricate details of this innovative collection.

Decked in signature black and white camo patterns, this collection does more than just blending in; it makes a statement. Each piece’s unique patterns channel the intrigue, secrecy, and ingenuity of car prototype designs, transporting the wearer to the world of cutting-edge automotive innovation. Each item of apparel, every piece of footwear and accessory, echoes this cryptic charm, making the collection not just a tribute but a celebration of car culture.

PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari Unleash the Masters of Camouflage Collection
© Photo: PUMA

When asked about the inspiration behind the collection, a spokesperson for PUMA said, “Our aim was to encapsulate the innovative spirit of car prototypes, combining it with PUMA’s dynamic approach to fashion. The Masters of Camouflage Collection is an exploration into uncharted territory, marrying speed, design, and style.”


There’s an undeniable emphasis on intricate detail in every piece. Each stitch, print, and cut mirror the passion and excitement associated with the automotive world. The co-branding of PUMA and Scuderia Ferrari is elegantly woven into the design, thereby emphasizing the unique collaboration that drives this collection forward.

The “Masters of Camouflage” collection is not just about fashion; it’s an experience. It fuels the passion for speed and innovation, combining it with an edgy, contemporary style. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a car aficionado, or both, this collection will ignite your sense of style while paying homage to the captivating world of automotive design.

In the words of a PUMA representative, “We wanted to create something truly distinctive, a blend of high-performance automotive design and high-fashion streetwear.” And with the Masters of Camouflage Collection, it’s safe to say, mission accomplished!

Starting from August 1st, be prepared to embrace this unique interplay of fashion and car culture exclusively on PUMA.com.

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