PUMA Accelerates Style with its Porsche Legacy Turbo S Collection

July 24, 2023
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PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S
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An overcast of elegance from Stuttgart’s automotive legacy is set to grace the world of fashion as PUMA kicks into high gear with the launch of its PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S collection.

This distinctive collection marries the dynamism of PUMA‘s sportswear ethos with the refined aesthetics of Porsche, one of the world’s most esteemed sports car manufacturers. It is the embodiment of a new fusion – where sporty meets chic and performance gears up with style.

Drawing from the wellspring of Porsche’s iconic heritage, the collection navigates the intricate alleyways of a classic yet sharp aesthetic, a testament to the timeless appeal of the German carmaker’s design philosophy. From the echoing roars of its powerful engines to the sleek contours of its bodywork, the PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S collection assimilates these elements, catapulting them into fashion.

PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S

Intricately crafted for the Autumn season, the collection imbues fresh vitality through vibrant color combinations. Highlighted is the pulsating Porsche Legacy color: Lemon Chrome, ready to add a splash of vivaciousness to your ensemble. Enveloped in hues of PUMA Black, Bold Blue, and Sand Dune, the collection embraces the bold chromatic spirit of autumn, mirroring the season’s transformative energy.

The range features elevated graphics and premium materials that meticulously pay homage to the iconic Turbo S line of Porsche 911 models. These fashion forward designs echo the sleekness of Porsche’s legacy, reflecting the brand’s ethos of combining style with substance.


In an ode to Porsche’s inimitable branding, the collection celebrates the well-established ‘TURBO’ wording. This is cleverly juxtaposed with the silhouette of the iconic 911, presenting a logo narrative that is as distinctive as it is appealing. This symbolically rich logo narrative accentuates the unique character of the collection, creating an undercurrent of automobile charm to your wardrobe.

PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S

What sets the PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S collection apart is its trend-relevant silhouettes. From the casually chic elevated polo with a relaxed cropped fit, the statement unisex jacket exuding a bold stance, to the effortlessly cool regular-fit pants and dungarees, the collection encapsulates the diversity of today’s fashion landscape. The pieces sing a symphony of style and functionality, like contrasting piping and fabric combinations, manifesting in an arsenal of wardrobe must-haves.

The PUMA x Porsche Legacy Turbo S collection is now available at selected stores and via PUMA.com, marking another milestone where fashion, quite literally, meets the fast lane.

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