PUMA Hoops Honors New York Rens With the “Black Fives RENS100” Collection

PUMA Hoops launches the Black Fives RENS100 Collection, celebrating the New York Rens' centennial with a blend of vintage design and modern sportswear, available now for those who cherish basketball heritage.
November 6, 2023
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PUMA Hoops Honors New York Rens With the "Black Fives RENS100" Collection
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Celebrating a century of basketball excellence, PUMA Hoops unveils its latest lineup and honors the New York Rens with the “Black Fives RENS100” Collection. The milestone marks one hundred years since the New York Rens dominated the court and set a precedent for the game with a blend of skill and style. This year, PUMA rekindles the spirit of the Rens, delivering not only athletic apparel, but a piece of history with a modern twist.

The New York Rens, America’s first black-owned professional basketball team, left an indelible mark on the sport. Known for their innovation and electrifying play, the Rens’ 88-game winning streak is a record that speaks volumes about their talent and determination. PUMA‘s third collaboration with the Black Fives Foundation amplifies this rich history and ensures that the legacy of pre-NBA African-American basketball players is celebrated and preserved.

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PUMA Hoops Honors New York Rens With the "Black Fives RENS100" Collection

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The “Black Fives RENS100” Collection is a sartorial nod to the past with an eye on today’s street style. The range includes an updated NITRO™ All-Pro sneaker that blends PUMA’s latest technology with vintage aesthetics. This blend of old and new encourages fans and fashionistas alike to “Make History Now,” reflecting the Black Fives’ pioneering attitude.

In addition to footwear, the 8-piece capsule collection includes multi-colored hoodies and sweatpants with retro charm, basketball shorts, Harlem jackets, t-shirts and basketball jerseys. Each piece offers a tangible connection to the Harlem Renaissance and the groundbreaking achievements of the New York Rens. “Make History Now” hoodies round out the offering, serving as wearable motivation for today’s generation to forge their own path, just as the Rens did a century ago.

PUMA’s commitment to fusing athletic functionality with cultural storytelling shines through in every piece of the RENS100 collection. Available at PUMA.com, PUMA Stores and select retailers worldwide, the line is an invitation to be part of a legacy.

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