PUMA’s Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch

PUMA dévoile le Gear Up Pack, un trio de chaussures de football - ULTRA, FUTURE et KING - alliant performance et durabilité. Dotées de technologies avancées telles que ULTRAWEAVE et FUZIONFIT360, ces chaussures redéfinissent l'agilité et l'adhérence sur le terrain. Conscient de sa responsabilité environnementale, PUMA intègre 20 % de matériaux recyclés.
September 24, 2023
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PUMA's Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch
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Serving up a mesmerizing fusion of functionality and aesthetics, the new PUMA’s Gear Up Pack redefines how players take on the gridiron, and how enthusiasts perceive footwear design. Amid the dazzling floodlights and roaring fans, these boots are purpose-built to make every move count.

PUMA has a longstanding history of developing innovative and top-performing sports footwear. Their newest offering is no exception. Featuring the ULTRA, FUTURE, and KING – each boot shines distinctively, bringing unparalleled performance tailored for specific playstyles. As the football season progresses, these boots aren’t merely about entrance, but about performance, and the athlete’s pursuit of excellence.

PUMA's Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch

The Gear Up Pack is not just about aesthetics or even sheer performance. It represents a dedication to sustainability with at least 20% of the uppers in the ULTRA, FUTURE, and KING crafted from recycled materials. PUMA’s message is clear: sustainable practices can coexist with top-tier performance and design.

The ULTRA boot is a testament to the incredible strides in footwear technology. A lightweight ULTRAWEAVE upper has been employed, ensuring both comfort and agility. This results in an optimized boost to speed and swift shifts in direction, with its PWRTAPE application resembling the anatomy of a human foot.

PUMA's Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch

But what truly steals the spotlight is how PUMA’s FUTURE has evolved. Previously, defenders may have had the upper hand, but with the FUTURE’s new FUZIONFIT360 upper, the game has changed. This design features a melding of dual-mesh, stretchy knit, and PWRTAPE, creating a fit that’s both snug and adaptive. With or without laces, players can now experience an elevated level of grip, ball control, stability, and agility.

And for those with an affinity for the classics, the PUMA KING does not disappoint. Modernized with K-BETTER™, a ground-breaking non-animal-based material, it surpasses its predecessor in touch, comfort, and durability. Integrated features such as the external heel counter, stability spine, and conical studs ensure the KING remains true to its lineage, providing players with utmost control over their movement and the ball.

PUMA's Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch

Football aficionados and players, like Neymar Jr., Jack Grealish, and Julia Grosso, are gearing up to don these masterpieces, marking a new era in football boot design and performance.

James Thompson, a football analyst, commented on the release, “PUMA’s Gear Up Pack is not merely a progression but a revolution. The combination of cutting-edge tech with a nod to sustainability showcases PUMA’s commitment to the future of the sport.

PUMA's Gear Up Pack Revolutionizes the Football Pitch

Those eager to experience this football revolution won’t have to wait long. PUMA’s Gear Up Pack is set to be available for pre-sale starting September 21st on PUMA.com and select retailers. Meanwhile, the global release is slated for September 28th.

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