PUMA Elevates Style with Coperni Collaboration

PUMA and Coperni unveil a groundbreaking collaboration, merging sport and luxury. The 2024 release promises innovative design, combining PUMA's athletic legacy with Coperni’s futuristic, elegant aesthetic in a signature shoe.
October 5, 2023
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PUMA Elevates Style with Coperni Collaboration
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The union of PUMA’s sporty authenticity and Coperni’s futuristic fashion-tech aesthetic paints a vivid picture of innovation and style. This merging of worlds, where athletic meets luxury, is an exciting evolution in the sneaker landscape. In January 2024, PUMA’s latest creation, born from an audacious partnership with Parisian ready-to-wear brand Coperni, will grace the feet of sneaker aficionados and fashion enthusiasts alike.

This alliance is marked by a synergy of creativity and innovation,” remarks Heiko Desens, Global Creative Director of PUMA. “Coperni is a visionary, futurist partner. We want to bring innovation and technology into the fashion space, and that really excites me.

PUMA Elevates Style with Coperni Collaboration

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During the Paris Fashion Week, the first glimmer of this collaboration surfaced. It was a debut that seamlessly melded the energy of a football game and the elegance of a dinner party. Now, the official reveal introduces a signature shoe that’s both a work of art and a testament to innovation.


Meticulously crafted, the shoes are available in black, white, and yellow, mirroring the effortless sophistication that defines Coperni. The zigzag design adorning the sporty upper resonates with PUMA’s Future boot range. However, this shoe redefines conventions, as demonstrated by its avant-garde triangular nubs replacing traditional studs.

PUMA Elevates Style with Coperni Collaboration

Coperni founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant expressed their excitement, stating, “It’s such an honor to collaborate with PUMA for our first sportswear collaboration. We are so grateful to PUMA for opening us the doors of their innovation department. We look forward to seeing people wearing our common avant-garde and sharp aesthetic.

The shoe’s radical concept is a tribute to audacity – a dress shoe exuding the technical precision of a performance football boot. This juxtaposition underscores the PUMA x Coperni alliance’s essence, where the seamless blend of sport and fashion forges a new path in the industry. The architecture of the shoe, inspired by French brutalist designs and technology, makes a bold statement. It signifies an era where boundaries between distinct style realms are not just blurred but are artistically and elegantly intertwined.

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