PUMA and Dapper Dan Dazzle Once More, A Symphony of Hip-Hop Luxe in Sportswear

July 25, 2023
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PUMA x Dapper Dan Pre-Game Capsule Collection
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PUMA unfurls its third collaboration with the inimitable Dapper Dan. Striding through the intersecting spheres of basketball and hip-hop, the PUMA x Dapper Dan collection births an exalted symphony of luxury and sportswear.

Under the maestro’s touch, classics such as the T7 and the Clyde don the vivacious spirit of hip-hop and the elegance of courtside swagger, weaving a testament to PUMA‘s enduring legacy and Dapper Dan‘s unrivaled sartorial imagination.

PUMA x Dapper Dan Pre-Game Capsule Collection

Once, the court was not just a battleground of dunks and dribbles; it doubled as a canvas for players to express their off-court glamour and hip-hop fervor. It is this culture, where sport, style, and music intertwine, that fuels the inspiration behind this collection. It serves as a reminder of the iconic pre-game strut, an impromptu runway where athletes exhibit their most resplendent fashion statements.

The T7 gets the Dapper Dan treatment with a velour redux, exuding an understated opulence through its gold detailing and tasteful embroidery. A leap beyond the ordinary, the collection’s apparel unfurls a cavalcade of luxury staples – a versatile sweater vest, a chic Mac-style jacket, a sharp short-sleeve shirt, all bearing Dapper Dan’s transformative touch.

PUMA x Dapper Dan Pre-Game Capsule Collection

Recognizing the momentous occasion of hip-hop’s 50th year, PUMA and Dapper Dan celebrate the timeless style code of monograms. These monograms, once woven into the very essence of hip-hop culture, form the graphic bedrock of the collection. With hints of early designs from Dapper Dan’s illustrious boutique, the collection’s unique PUMA x Dapper Dan monogram interweaves with the rare motifs from PUMA’s rich archives.


Two resplendent versions of the legendary Clyde shine within the collection. Both proudly wear the PUMA x Dapper Dan monogram and the diamond print adorning the suede upper. Subtle accents in stitching, embroidery, and zips serve as nods to Dapper Dan’s expertise in tailoring, enhancing the shoe’s bespoke allure.

PUMA’s relationship with hip-hop is a romance penned over half a century. Through the golden jubilee of hip-hop, PUMA reaffirms its commitment to celebrating and participating in this vibrant culture with a series of dynamic drops and activations.

PUMA x Dapper Dan Pre-Game Capsule Collection

Available in PUMA flagship stores, select retailers, and online, the PUMA x Dapper Dan collection is a testament to hip-hop’s lasting influence on fashion and an ode to the exquisite craftsmanship of the world-renowned Dapper Dan.

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