PUMA Joins Forces with CONMEBOL Igniting Latin America’s Football Scene

PUMA's partnership with CONMEBOL aims to uplift Latin America's football culture from 2024. Spanning key tournaments, this alliance, melding shared values and resources, promises a flourishing era for South American football.
October 19, 2023
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PUMA Joins Forces with CONMEBOL Igniting Latin America's Football Scene

PUMA has penned a groundbreaking partnership with South American football‘s governing juggernaut CONMEBOL, promising to redefine Latin America’s beloved football landscape starting from the 2024 season. This strategic alliance spanning the next three years.

The roots of this partnership are deeply entrenched in a shared vision to foster talent and invigorate the football ethos across Latin America. This collaboration marks a historic occasion where, for the first time in over a century, CONMEBOL is uniting with PUMA to coalesce their resources on the turf, forging a promising future for South American football enthusiasts and athletes alike.

PUMA Joins Forces with CONMEBOL Igniting Latin America's Football Scene

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With PUMA’s sponsorship extending across key tournaments including the CONMEBOL Copa América, CONMEBOL Libertadores, and CONMEBOL Sudamericana, the stakes have never been higher. The partnership ensures not only a financial infusion but a commitment to excellence, with PUMA providing the official match footballs, referee uniforms, and staff kits, alongside sports equipment for Futsal, Beach Soccer, and diverse female, pre-Olympic, and youth categories.


Expressing satisfaction and enthusiasm over this partnership, CONMEBOL’s President Alejandro Domínguez remarked, “We are greatly satisfied to partner with a globally renowned company and a brand widely recognized around the world. South American football is characterized by the talent, passion, and determination of its players. We feel that PUMA also embodies these values.” Similarly, PUMA Latin America General Manager, Carlos Laje, voiced his excitement saying, “We are proud to join forces with CONMEBOL. We want to continue creating major milestones in football and we believe this is a unique opportunity to convey our joyful, determined, confident, and brave way of viewing sports.

PUMA Joins Forces with CONMEBOL Igniting Latin America's Football Scene

The convergence of CONMEBOL and PUMA’s expansive legacies, fueled by an unwavering spirit and passion, stands to soar football culture to unprecedented pinnacles in South America. This alliance is a substantial step towards cultivating a rich football tradition, ensuring that the essence of football remains entrenched in the heart of every Latin American.

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