PRADA Unveils Holiday 2023 Campaign “Privatesphere”

PRADA's Holiday 2023 Campaign, captured by Willy Vanderperre, showcases a dazzling blend of style and imagination, featuring stars like Maya Hawke in an invitation to embrace the season with elegance and a touch of fantasy.
October 30, 2023
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PRADA Unveils Holiday 2023 Campaign "Privatesphere"

The holidays are upon us and PRADA has unveiled its new Holiday 2023 campaign, promising a season of elegance, originality and a touch of magic.

PRADA Unveils Holiday 2023 Campaign "Privatesphere"

Under the masterful lens of the esteemed Willy Vanderperre, the campaign unfolds a visual feast that speaks directly to the soul of Christmas. Four international celebrities, Maya Hawke, Damson Idris, Louis Partridge and Kim Tae-Ri, take centre stage, embodying authenticity and style in a series of captivating scenes. Surrounded by glowing spheres, they stand as icons of fashion, encapsulated in their own worlds, yet deeply connected to the viewer.

PRADA’s Holiday 2023 campaign invites us to look beyond the surface. Inside these spheres, the stars find themselves in a sanctuary, a space of their own that transforms into a vessel for exploration. These capsules serve as metaphors, encouraging us to embark on journeys of the imagination, to unknown and uncharted destinations. The backdrop to this enchanting tableau is a mesmerising blend of past and future. The historic chequered floors of the 1913 PRADA boutique in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II flow seamlessly into a panoramic view of deep space, adorned with stars and galactic wonders.

PRADA Unveils Holiday 2023 Campaign "Privatesphere"

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This collection is a tribute to the duality of our nature, celebrating both the introspective and the outgoing sides of our personalities. PRADA invites us into a “private sphere”, a realm of endless possibilities and dreams. Here we are challenged to challenge the boundaries of reality while remaining comfortably nestled in the sanctuary of our own thoughts.

PRADA Unveils Holiday 2023 Campaign "Privatesphere"

Maya, Damson, Louis and Kim are not just models in a campaign; they are storytellers, guiding us through a narrative woven with threads of imagination and style. They demonstrate the power of fashion as a means of expression, a tool to explore the unseen and celebrate the beauty of the individual spirit.

© Photos: PRADA

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