PHILIPP PLEIN Celebrates Spring 2024 with Legacy and Flair

September 26, 2023
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PHILIPP PLEIN Celebrates Spring 2024 with Legacy and Flair

Few events hold the fashion hostage like PHILIPP PLEIN‘s runway spectacles, especially when it’s a monumental celebration of Spring 2024 and 25 years in the business. As lights dimmed at the Allianz Cloud arena, anticipation was palpable among the 4,000 attendees, while countless others eagerly waited outside, hopeful for a glimpse or an invitation to the afterparty.

The stage set for the night was nothing short of electrifying. In the arena’s center, a stationary carousel came to life with models flaunting the latest from Philipp Plein’s Spring 2024 collection. The energetic vibe of the ’80s, resonating through hits like Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” served as the backdrop to a showcase of Plein’s mastery in design. As the music pulsated with familiar beats like “99 Red Balloons” and “Walking On Sunshine“, a vivid collection unfurled — one that was effortless in its appeal yet drenched in Plein’s signature maximalism.

Plein’s fervor for the flamboyant was evident in the designs. Menswear, a category Plein identifies as rapidly growing for his brand, offered a delightful blend of tailored yet unembellished suits juxtaposed with fire-lapel tuxedos and blinged-out Miami sets. Women’s wear, not to be outdone, flirted with ruffled boudoir dresses, fitted knits, and minis that reminisced about old-Cavalli days.

An intriguing shift in the collection was the surge in tailored clothing. Amid the sequin and sparkle, it was clear that sartorial elegance is now pivotal to Philipp Plein’s design narrative. Colorful suits, beautifully constructed blazers, and bright graffiti prints were abundant. This fresh focus was certainly unexpected but impeccably executed, revealing another facet of Plein’s versatility.


Highlighting the evening were roller disco dancers, glittering in rainbow sequins, skilfully manoeuvring on LED-illuminated wheels, blurring the line between sport and spectacle. Between these flashy numbers, models showcased sportier attires – rainbow sequin dresses, patched denims adorned with smiley faces, and white gym socks boasting the Plein insignia.

It’s evident that Plein, a paragon of bling-bling luxury, doesn’t shy away from evolving. Whether it’s those sparkling skyscraper platforms or the more restrained belted graffiti coats, Plein’s Spring 2024 offering is an ode to his journey, his legacy, and a testament to fashion’s transformative power.

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PHILIPP PLEIN Celebrates Spring 2024 with Legacy and Flair
PHILIPP PLEIN Celebrates Spring 2024 with Legacy and Flair
PHILIPP PLEIN Celebrates Spring 2024 with Legacy and Flair


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