The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT: A vision of the future by the French designer Emeric Tchatchoua, founder of the 3.PARADIS brand

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Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

In a time when the automotive industry is experiencing rapid transformation, the European premiere of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT in Paris marks a groundbreaking collaboration between Peugeot and French designer Emeric Tchatchoua, the creative mind behind the 3.PARADIS brand. This partnership signifies a bold step forward, reflecting the shared aspirations and optimism for a stylish and innovative future. Through a human-centered approach, Peugeot and Tchatchoua aim to redefine the concept of allure in the automotive landscape.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT car embodies the brand’s optimistic outlook on a future driven by style, creativity, and ambition. With its sleek, feline design, avant-garde appeal, and 100% electric technology, this concept vehicle offers a thrilling driving experience while maintaining efficiency and sustainability. The INCEPTION CONCEPT represents a major shift for Peugeot, introducing a new generation of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, a native electric “BEV-by-design” platform, and innovative techniques to reduce carbon emissions and achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

The physical presentation of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT in Paris revealed a stunning collaboration with Emeric Tchatchoua, founder of the 3.PARADIS brand. Tchatchoua introduced a unique piece of clothing inspired by the concept car, showcasing an innovative lenticular 3D print that creates an optical illusion of changing colors based on the viewer’s perspective. This cutting-edge jacket reflects the interior design of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT and utilizes the same 3D technology found on the vehicle’s floor. Created in partnership with STRATASYS and France dyes, this exclusive fashion piece symbolizes a powerful convergence of design and technology.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

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During my very first conversation with the PEUGEOT teams, I immediately realized that we had many points in common, such as the use of design to have a positive impact on the world around us, as well as a desire to inspire a sense of freedom. It is an honor and an immense privilege for me to be able to collaborate with PEUGEOT, and their amazing team, to spread our message and our common values.

Emeric TCHATCHOUA, founder of 3.PARADIS

The collaboration between Peugeot and Emeric Tchatchoua signifies a commitment to the core values of allure, emotion, excellence, optimism, freedom, and humanism. This alliance highlights Peugeot’s dedication to making design and creativity an integral part of its vision for the future of the automotive industry. Through this partnership, both Peugeot and Tchatchoua aim to inspire positive change and evoke a sense of freedom through innovative design.

Starting in 2025, Peugeot will introduce a new formal language in its models. This design language is simpler, purer, and integrates finishes and textures reminiscent of the digital universe. Sensual lines and athletic curves seamlessly blend with more geometric and sharp elements, creating a striking contrast.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

The Glass Capsule Cabin

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT features a dynamic profile and a glass capsule cabin design. The cabin extends to the front of the driver and front passenger’s feet, offering a unique aesthetic experience. From a profile view, the design retains the Peugeot codes of an elegant and sleek sedan, while a plunging view reveals a glimpse into the future of electric cars.

Intelligent Glazing

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT boasts 7.25 m2 of glazed surface, utilizing NARIMA® glass, initially developed for astronaut helmets by NASA. This glass offers exceptional thermal qualities, multi-dichroic treatment, and creates a subtle dialogue between the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

Exclusive Body Color

The body color of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT consists of very fine metal pigments in a single layer, resulting in lower energy consumption during application. The ultra-quality appearance highlights the bodywork’s volumes and interacts with the external environment.

The “Fusion Mask” Front End

The front bumper features a new Peugeot lighting signature that integrates the three emblematic claws. The entire grille and signature are merged into a single object that also incorporates the sensors. The mask is composed of a single-piece glass with a luminescent logo in the center, giving it a 3D effect.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

Communicating Doors

The doors of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT feature a flush “TECH BAR” that emits different messages outside the car as the driver and passengers approach. The artificial intelligence integrated into the car recognizes the driver and adjusts the desired comfort settings for each occupant.

Technical Zone and Expressive Rear End

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT combines practicality and aesthetics with a mobile body element in front of the immense windshield, called the Aero Tech Deck. The rear end adopts a high-tech treatment, showcasing the subtle sculpting of the wings.

Aerodynamic Wheels

The “AERORIM” wheels of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT brilliantly combine aerodynamics and aesthetics. Forged textile inserts contribute to aerodynamic efficiency, while aluminum inserts with micro-perforations emphasize the high-tech design.

Peugeot’s Electric Future

Peugeot is committed to meeting the expectations of customers looking for more pleasure and innovative technologies. Over the next two years, the company will launch five new 100% electric models, with a completely electric range by 2030.

The Hypersquare: A Revolution in the i-Cockpit®

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT introduces a completely redesigned architecture for the i-Cockpit®, eliminating the traditional steering wheel and controls. The Hypersquare control offers an agile driving experience and a more intuitive i-Cockpit®, with steer-by-wire technology making driving more instinctive and simple.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

A New Generation of i-Cockpit®

The Hypersquare control consists of a screen with circular cells at each of its four corners, allowing for a natural grip, driving comfort, and vehicle controls activated by simple thumb impulses. The center of the Hypersquare is a tablet-type screen dedicated to displaying control information. Pictograms of various functions (air conditioning, radio volume, ADAS, etc.) are shown on the two lateral parts for easy access. Controls are located inside the circular cells and can be accessed by simply moving the thumb without letting go of the steering control.

For even more driving comfort, the Hypersquare rim is made using 3D printing, while the digital glass screen at its center adds a high-tech touch. This innovative approach to ergonomics brings unparalleled comfort in driving and introduces new gestures for a unique driving experience.

Hypersquare and HALO CLUSTER

The i-Cockpit of the future features Hypersquare, a control system that seamlessly integrates with the HALO CLUSTER, a circular screen broadcasting 360-degree driving or infotainment information. This external communication enhances the concept of sharing and promotes a new vision for automobiles.

Level L4 Driving Delegation

When transitioning to Level L4 autonomous driving (STLA AutoDrive), the Hypersquare retracts, and a large panoramic screen emerges from the floor to provide a unique in-cabin experience. Peugeot plans to introduce Hypersquare to a next-generation vehicle by the end of the decade.

Steer-by-Wire Technology

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT utilizes Steer-by-Wire technology to eliminate the physical steering column, enabling a new on-board architecture for improved ease of driving, safety, and reliability.

Redefined Interior and Seating

The vehicle’s interior offers an unprecedented vision for a large saloon, with new seating postures and generous glass surfaces. The first row projects forward for an exceptional view, while the second row benefits from an external vision pushed to its limits. The cabin’s materials have been carefully selected to create an atmosphere that evolves according to the environment and light.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

Immersive Seats

Reimagined seat proportions provide immersive comfort with the Comfort Fit feature, which adapts to each passenger’s morphology. The architecture and structure of the seats adjust as close to the body as possible for dynamic driving or calming autonomous driving experiences.

The Disappearing Dashboard

The dashboard, crosspiece, and apron vanish in the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT, providing completely open visibility on the road for passengers, creating new perspectives and experiences.

Premium FOCAL HiFi

The vehicle comes equipped with a Premium FOCAL HiFi system, offering optimal sound spatialization in the cabin with custom locations. This French brand specializes in HiFi audio and has co-designed the system with Peugeot.

Sustainable Materials and Techniques

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT embodies advanced research on transforming on-board atmospheres and reducing the carbon footprint. Innovative materials and techniques include forged textiles, raw galvanized steel, 3D-printed velvet, and Air Quilting® padding.

Forged Textiles

This technique repurposes 100% polyester fabric scraps into an extremely hard and durable material, suitable for use in load-bearing or cladding structure parts.

Raw Galvanized Steel

By using raw steel in the seat structures and console, the vehicle minimizes the number of components in the cabin. The steel undergoes a galvanizing process for an aesthetic raw reflection.

Velvet and 3D Printing

The seat and floor coverings feature 100% recycled polyester velvet with a metallic reflection. The velvet extends onto the floor and is printed with 3D patterns for a seamless and recyclable design.

Air Quilting® Padding

The seats’ Comfort Fit is enhanced by adjustable shoulder mattresses made from electro-welded, mono-material, and easy-to-recycle upholstery. These metallic-effect pockets offer increased comfort based on the driving mode.

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT presents an optimistic vision for the brand’s future and will inspire future products starting from 2025.

Peugeot Inception Concept x Emeric Tchatchoua 3.Paradis

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