Paris Saint-Germain Revives Nicolas Anelka’s Iconic Maillot Away 2000-2001

Revisit Paris Saint-Germain's glorious past with the iconic 2000-2001 Maillot Away, a tribute to the team's spirit and Nicolas Anelka's legacy, now available for fans to own and cherish.
November 8, 2023
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Paris Saint-Germain Revives Nicolas Anelka's Iconic Maillot Away 2000-2001

In a nod to its storied past, Paris Saint-Germain has brought back an iconic piece of football memorabilia, the Maillot Away from the 2000-2001 season. The jersey, a symbol of perseverance and audacity, has returned to the limelight, much to the delight of fashion-forward fans and soccer enthusiasts alike.

The return of Paris Saint-Germain’s 2000-2001 away kit is a celebration of a legacy marked by Nicolas Anelka’s indelible impact on the club’s storied past. Unveiled with fanfare on and in key retail outlets, this jersey is more than a piece of clothing; it’s a piece of football history.

Paris Saint-Germain Revives Nicolas Anelka's Iconic Maillot Away 2000-2001

Designed in the understated yet striking shades of gray that characterized the early millennium, the kit proudly displays the Cradle logo, a reminder of the team’s rooted presence in French football. The national sponsor’s emblem from that era crosses the front, symbolizing a time of fierce determination and bold audacity that defined Paris Saint-Germain’s journey.

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The essence of Parisian elegance is woven into the fabric of this garment, reflecting the identity and relentless ambition that drive the club forward. Owning this jersey connects fans to the collective triumphs and shared pride that comes with being part of the Rouge & Bleu community.

It also pays tribute to Nicolas Anelka, the prodigal son whose name is synonymous with Paris Saint-Germain’s ambitious spirit. His legendary performance against AC Milan still resonates with fans today, and the availability of his name on the jersey from today allows fans to wear a piece of that history.

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Paris Saint-Germain Revives Nicolas Anelka's Iconic Maillot Away 2000-2001

Priced at €50, with the option to add Anelka’s name for €68, the 2000-2001 Away Jersey is more than just merchandise. It’s a tangible link to the club’s heritage, an opportunity for fans to wear the colors of their heroes and hold a piece of Paris Saint-Germain’s heart close to their own.

Photographe: Matthieu Donkeng-Alimeta
Model: Yasser Halidi

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