Paris Hilton Secures Exclusive Tweeting Agreement with X

Paris Hilton and X announce a landmark partnership featuring interactive live shopping and unique content, marking a significant evolution in digital media and celebrity engagement.
October 4, 2023
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Paris Hilton Secures Exclusive Tweeting Agreement with X
Paris Hilton received the 2019 REVOLVE Awards on November 15, 2019 in Los Angeles - © shutterstock

Paris Hilton, the iconic media personality, and X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, have embarked on a groundbreaking partnership that promises to redefine the intersection of technology and celebrity branding. This union between a global superstar and a cutting-edge tech company is not only historic but also indicative of the evolving landscape of digital media and entertainment.

Sealing the deal, X and Paris Hilton’s media empire, 11:11, have forged an alliance that is designed to captivate millions around the globe. Joe Benarroch, the company spokesperson, highlighted the exceptional nature of this collaboration, illuminating the vast opportunities that lie ahead for both entities. “We are set to create four original video content programs per year, introducing an interactive live shopping experience,” Benarroch revealed. This venture invites audiences to a dynamic space where they can effortlessly browse a catalog of products during Hilton’s livestream and make purchases via X’s in-app browser.

But this partnership goes beyond transactional exchanges. “X is committed to securing brand sponsorships to support each of the activations,” Benarroch added, underscoring the company’s investment in amplifying the impact of this alliance. The tailored support amplifies not just the technological prowess of X but also the influential presence of Paris Hilton in the world of entertainment and beyond.

The #sliving hashtag, coined by Hilton as a blend of “slaying” and “living,” is set to become as iconic as her earlier catchphrase, “that’s hot.” With the backing of X, this term is not just a catchphrase but a movement, a lifestyle echoing the evolution of digital culture in 2023.


Moreover, X’s revenue-sharing model, an innovative approach that shares a percentage of ad revenue with paid, verified users, takes a unique turn in the case of Paris Hilton. Benarroch outlined that Hilton’s financial arrangement is a distinct partnership spanning two years, marking a departure from the conventional creator payout program. This divergence signals a flexible, adaptive approach tailored to leverage the unique strengths and appeal of individual creators.

This collaboration underscores a future where technology and celebrity branding are not just parallel forces but intertwined entities shaping the cultural and digital landscapes. The synergy between Paris Hilton’s 11:11 and X heralds a new chapter, a narrative that is as much about technological innovation as it is about the reimagination of celebrity engagement in the digital space.

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