Ethereal Decadence in Palomo Spain’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

September 11, 2023
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Ethereal Decadence in Palomo Spain’s Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Society often demands conformity, but Alejandro Gomez Palomo, the creative force behind Palomo Spain, defiantly pushes against these boundaries. With the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Palomo Spain has yet again captivated the fashion world by merging small-town roots with a bold queer perspective, bringing an almost cult-like fairy tale vibe to global fashion weeks.

Not one to shy away from grandeur, Palomo showcased his latest collection in the iconic Plaza Hotel’s Terrace Room, a setting replete with gilded walls, gold-trimmed mirrors, massive hanging chandeliers, and an abundance of roses. Reflecting on the venue, Palomo remarked, “Finally I get to do a show in a grand space… I really wanted to bring color into a place where I’m more used to showing my things, like I would do in Paris or Madrid. So I felt the Plaza would be the place.

Palomo is renowned for championing genderless fashion, creating a world where provocative and enchanting garments seamlessly blend feminine and masculine undertones. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection was no exception, featuring primarily male models, and a few women, donning outfits that fused dark, sexual themes with softness and romance. Feather-trimmed camisoles, sheer lace tanks embroidered with oversized roses in red and cream, and daring denim shorts with peekaboo cutouts in the back, paired with lace bloomers and high-neck dresses, were just a few of the standout pieces. Baggy denim was often paired with baby-doll dresses and flowing capes made from delicate fabrics like silk. The collection also featured an abundance of corsets, reimagined in exaggerated proportions and even in leather. Accessories, created in collaboration with Spanish-based brand Bimba y Lola, included elaborate rose chokers, ear cuffs, and rose-shaped bags in red and black, ranging from clutch-sized to oversized and sculptural.

For Palomo, the key ingredients of decadence and etherealness are what keep the brand’s loyal fan base coming back for more. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection was a testament to this ethos, seamlessly blending the designer’s small-town roots with an unapologetically queer creative perspective. It is this unique blend that has led to Palomo Spain’s meteoric rise in the fashion world and solidified its status as a brand that challenges the norm and inspires a cult-like following.


© Photos: Palomo Spain

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