The “Greatest Of All Time” of Padel Fernando Belasteguín Joins The Richard Mille Family

August 28, 2023
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The “Greatest Of All Time” of Padel Fernando Belasteguín Joins The Richard Mille Family

Padel’s titan, the unrivaled Fernando Belasteguín, often fondly referred to by his fans and friends as “Bela,” has etched his legacy deep into the history of the sport. Garnering immense admiration for holding the title of World Number 1 from 2002 to 2017, he won a staggering 230 out of the 286 finals he played. The very statistics of his career resonate beyond what’s often experienced in sports. Amidst this backdrop, the marriage of Bela’s precision on the court and the intricate craftsmanship of Richard Mille timepieces is a narrative that’s equal parts fascinating and inevitable.

Fernando Belasteguín’s origin traces back to Argentina, where padel isn’t just another game—it’s an emotion, with an astounding 4 million players embracing it. It’s a vibrant amalgamation of tennis, squash, and badminton, demanding swift agility and laser-sharp focus. While the sport showcases a rapid play of ball, Bela confesses, “The ball goes very fast, but the key is not so much the speed but the concentration. On the court, I am totally in the zone.”

The “Greatest Of All Time” of Padel Fernando Belasteguín Joins The Richard Mille Family

The inception of Bela’s tryst with padel occurred early on, sparked by his innate ardor for sports. By the time he was 15, he had already embarked on his professional journey, marking his territory in the world professional circuit. The traits that set him apart? A prodigious hand-eye coordination, a strategic prowess, and an undying zeal to push the envelope. His relationship with time, both on and off the court, is both poetic and profound. Amidst rigorous training sessions, he dedicates moments to “visualize,” slipping into a mental realm where he’s swifter, and the ball appears to dance in slow motion.

Interestingly, his bond with time led him to the doors of the renowned Richard Mille brand. Both, the athlete and the brand, echo a shared reverence for intricate details and shattering conventions. As Bela puts it, “We both believe in breaking barriers.” Yet, at the heart of their association lies a core driven by familial ties. “It’s all about family. If anyone knows a better motivation, please tell me! Triumph for me is not being at the top for 16 years – it’s being able to look in the eyes of my parents, my wife and children and know that I did the absolute best I could,” states Fernando.

The “Greatest Of All Time” of Padel Fernando Belasteguín Joins The Richard Mille Family

Fernando Belasteguín’s enthusiasm for Richard Mille goes beyond shared values. He proudly dons the RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal, a watch that holds dual significance for him. Firstly, it’s a tribute to Rafa, his personal sporting icon. Secondly, the watch’s colors—white and blue—resonate deeply with his Argentinian roots.

Beyond the razzmatazz of championships and endorsements, Bela’s larger vision aims at magnifying padel’s global footprint. Testament to this is the Bela Padel Center, established in 2020. This padel-specific sports complex is also the nucleus of the Bela Padel Academy, committed to honing talents at various proficiency levels.

Fernando Belasteguín’s illustrious career, marked by sporting accolades and deep-rooted passion, paralleled with Richard Mille‘s relentless pursuit of horological excellence, is a testament to the beautiful confluence of precision, dedication, and innovation. As this alliance flourishes, one can’t help but marvel at the magic birthed when masters of their respective domains unite.

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