Lederer’s Timeless Dance with the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023

Bernhard Lederer unveils a dial-less Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023, blending traditional escapement innovation with modern aesthetics, inviting a glimpse into the heartbeat of mechanical horology.
September 30, 2023
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Lederer's Timeless Dance with the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023
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The world of horology, like a dance, is a blend of precision, artistry, and, occasionally, a sprinkle of serendipity. This enchanting dance unveils its most exquisite performance in the masterpiece crafted by the renowned watchmaker Bernhard Lederer. It is a narrative of exceptional craftsmanship, marking Lederer’s triumphant return to Only Watch 2023 after a twelve-year hiatus. A marvel of engineering and aesthetics, the Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch emerges not just as a timepiece but as a narrative engraved in every tick of its majestic mechanism.

Every so often, the universe aligns to birth something that transcends the ordinary and uplifts the soul to touch the hem of the extraordinary. Such is the case with Bernhard Lederer’s masterpiece crafted exclusively for Only Watch 2023. This creation isn’t merely a culmination of meticulous engineering; it is poetry in motion, a harmonious blend of past, present, and future, echoing the silent yet resounding tunes of ingenuity.

Lederer's Timeless Dance with the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023

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In the realm of time, where seconds are the brush strokes painting our existence, Bernhard Lederer has meticulously crafted a timepiece, offering a canvas where art and precision waltz in impeccable harmony. The Central Impulse Chronometer, first introduced to the world with an air of mystique and grandeur, now returns, baring its soul, unveiling its intricate dance to the privileged eyes of the beholder.


Lederer’s passion is not born of the moment but is a refined, honed skill and artistry echoing the legacy of the iconic watchmakers Breguet and Daniels. Their spirits, whispers of their ingenuity, live within the Central Impulse Chronometer, a mechanism that isn’t just seen but is experienced, felt, and lived.

Lederer's Timeless Dance with the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023

The timepiece created for Only Watch 2023 is a tale told in the silent yet profound language of gears and wheels. It unfolds a narrative where every tick and tock is a verse of poetry, echoing the silent, yet resounding tunes of mechanical ingenuity. The absence of a dial is not a lack but an open invitation to dive deep into the heart of a masterpiece where every gear, every wheel is a storyteller, echoing tales of precision, passion, and unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Lederer’s invention, inspired yet unique, borrows the foundational ethos from the bidirectional detent escapement of Breguet and Daniels, and elevates it to celestial heights. Each component, each mechanism, speaks of a journey, not just of time, but of a watchmaker who sees beyond the apparent, into realms where each tick is a symphony and each tock, a sonnet.

Lederer's Timeless Dance with the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023

The Central Impulse Chronometer, a testament to Lederer’s dedication, is an emblem of evolution and revolution alike. Its two escapement wheels, a narrative of the past, and a proclamation of the future, engage in a dance that defies the ordinary, stepping into realms where time isn’t just measured but is celebrated.

Lederer’s journey from the realm of clocks to the intricate world of wristwatches is a celebration of not just time but of artistry and precision. “The intimacy of my works, the passion for mechanics, their movement, their beating heart, is revealed in the Central Impulse Chronometer for Only Watch 2023,” remarks Lederer, echoing sentiments that transcend the mundane, elevating craftsmanship to artistry.

© Photos: Lederer

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