Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto “On Track” for Only Watch 2023

The Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" debuts at Only Watch, encapsulating elegance and motor racing spirit. Every detail, from its titanium casing to intricate dial, tells a captivating story of legacy.
September 29, 2023
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Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" for Only Watch 2023
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Elegance and precision often walk hand in hand, yet, every so often, a masterpiece emerges that transcends time, skillfully intertwining the quintessence of beauty and performance. This year at Only Watch 2023, a notable biennial charity auction advocating for groundbreaking research against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the epitome of such a harmonious blend makes its grand entrance. Behold, the Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto “On Track,” a unique timepiece that encapsulates not only the superior craftsmanship synonymous with the brand but is also a narrative, a history, and an experience.

Every tick of this marvel is a journey through the illustrious motor racing odyssey of Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin, an intimate peep into the endeavours that fueled the inception of a brand synonymous with elegance, innovation, and precision. Only Watch, renowned for its bespoke collection of timepieces, this year is graced by a watch that is not just a tool for telling time but a storyteller, a bearer of legacy, echoing the thrum of engines and the exhilaration of speed.

Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" for Only Watch 2023

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The Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto “On Track” is a tribute, a homage echoing the passionate and thrilling world of motor racing. A world where Laurent Ferrier and François Servanin once coursed through circuits, their hearts pulsating in unison with the revving engines, their spirits as untethered as the machines they maneuvered. It was in these electrifying moments, amidst speed and precision, that a friendship was forged and a brand was born.


A watch should not just tell time; it should narrate a story, echo a legacy, be a silent witness to the passionate endeavors and the milestones achieved,” Laurent Ferrier once remarked. Each element of the Sport Auto “On Track”, meticulously crafted, resonates with this sentiment. The charcoal grey gradient shades of the dial, reminiscent of the haunting beauty of asphalt under the moon’s tender gaze, bespeak of numerous night races where legends were made, and myths were born.

Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" for Only Watch 2023

The artistry isn’t just a visual spectacle but a sensory journey. The white gold Assegai-shaped hands and drop-shaped indices, graced with a white Super-LumiNova luminescent coating, aren’t mere components; they are silent narrators of every turn, every victory, every challenge overcome. The intricate track pattern etched on the outer edge of the dial is a celebration of speed, precision, and the unyielding spirit of a racer.

Encased in grade 5 titanium, the Sport Auto “On Track” doesn’t just sit on the wrist; it graces it, echoing the marriage of resilience and grace, akin to a well-tuned engine encased in an elegantly designed chassis. With a 41.5 mm diameter, the watch is a statement, not just of luxury but of a legacy crafted from speed, precision, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" for Only Watch 2023

Each element of this masterpiece is a chapter of an untold narrative. The iconic ball-shaped crown, seamlessly integrated into the case middle, isn’t a mere component but an echo of every twist, turn, and triumph that defines the illustrious journey of the brand’s founders. “Every piece is a universe, a meticulously crafted cosmos that embodies our journey, our passion, our unwavering pursuit of excellence,” Ferrier’s words reverberate with every tick of the watch.

The LF270.01 calibre, an exclusive development by Laurent Ferrier, isn’t just a movement; it’s a heartbeat, echoing the rhythm of roaring engines, the silence of the night before a race, the unyielding heartbeat of a racer awaiting the drop of the flag. With a power reserve of over 72 hours, it doesn’t just tell time; it guards moments, milestones, and the unwavering spirit of racing.

Witness Time’s Elegance with Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto "On Track" for Only Watch 2023

This calibre alone, encapsulates over 139 manual finishing operations, each meticulous stroke, and precise cut, a silent ode to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence. With ruthenium-coated bridges featuring a horizontal satin-brushed finish, each piece is not just a testament to superior craftsmanship but an embodiment of the brand’s journey, its milestones, its passionate pursuits.

© Photos: Laurent Ferrier

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