The OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is Back Again for The Full Moon On July 03

July 2, 2023
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OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold 03 July

These last months, the OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold has become a hot topic, attracting watch enthusiasts worldwide. With a unique release strategy that has sparked conversations and controversies alike, the collaboration between these two Swiss watch giants has turned heads and raised eyebrows. This exclusive timepiece, limited to physical sales only and launched in select cities, has left an indelible mark on the watch industry.

The OMEGA x Swatch collaboration, part of the MoonSwatch collection, has seen a level of popularity unprecedented in the world of collaborative watches. The initial release of these timepieces, each with a bold color scheme representing celestial bodies, sparked massive interest and led to explosive sales. The design of these watches replicated the original NASA-approved OMEGA Speedmaster worn during the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969, adding to their allure. Despite being priced modestly at $260, the high demand led to resale values up to four times the retail cost​​.

The release of the Mission to Moonshine Gold was met with equal enthusiasm. This version, contrary to the expectations of a gold-toned build, is characterized by a “Moonshine Gold” second hand – a unique, fade-resistant 18k yellow gold alloy exclusive to OMEGA. The introduction of this model was initially on March 7 in Zurich, Tokyo, Milan, and London, and it sold out immediately​.

However, the exclusive availability strategy of this collaboration has not been without its drawbacks. The decision to limit sales to physical stores led to significant customer dissatisfaction. Fans voiced concerns about the unavailability of a collaboration meant to be accessible to all. The issue was particularly exacerbated as the demand for these watches remained high, leading to the perceived exclusivity of a brand that had its roots in accessibility​​.


Yet, in the face of such criticism, the brands have stuck to their guns. The OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold is set for another exclusive release on July 3, 2023, in 82 cities worldwide, including this time six towns in France (Bordeaux, Paris, Lilles, Cannes, Lyon, and Strasbourg.) This new release is scheduled to coincide with the full moon, adding a unique touch to the whole event. There will be 96 Swatch boutiques participating in this exclusive drop, offering fans a chance to get their hands on this iconic timepiece​​.

The selection of these cities, while seemingly arbitrary, reflects a strategy focused on their historical, cultural, and economic significance. Paris and Lyon, for instance, are two of the most populous cities in France, with a rich history and a vibrant luxury market. Bordeaux and Cannes, on the other hand, are known for their affluence and the presence of high net worth individuals, making them ideal locations for such an exclusive release.

However, the implications of this strategy extend beyond mere sales. By creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency, the brands manage to keep the buzz around the product alive. This strategy, while causing some dissatisfaction among fans, also creates a desire for ownership that can drive up demand and resale values.

The question remains whether this is a one-time event or a strategy that will be repeated in the future. Given the success and the buzz generated by these exclusive releases, it would not be surprising to see more of such strategies from OMEGA and Swatch in the future.

The exclusive release strategy of the OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold has been both a golden opportunity and a missed shot. On one hand, it created unprecedented demand, excitement, and high resale values for the timepiece, proving to be a successful marketing strategy. On the other hand, it has led to widespread customer dissatisfaction due to the perceived inaccessibility of the product.

The strategy reflects the fine balance that brands need to strike between creating exclusivity and ensuring accessibility. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how these brands, and indeed the industry at large, navigate this balance. The OMEGA x Swatch collaboration has certainly set a new precedent in the world of horology, one that could have far-reaching implications for future collaborations and product releases.

In an era where customers value both exclusivity and accessibility, brands need to think creatively about their release strategies. The OMEGA x Swatch collaboration has been a fascinating case study in this regard, providing valuable insights into the power of exclusivity as a marketing tool, while also highlighting the potential backlash that can occur when a product is perceived as too inaccessible.

As we anticipate future collaborations between these two Swiss watch giants, one thing is clear: the horological world will be watching closely, eager to see what innovative strategies they come up with next. And no doubt, customers will be waiting, hoping that they too can get their hands on these iconic timepieces.

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