OMEGA and Swatch’s “Mission to Moonshine Gold”, A Stellar Ranking of Each MoonSwatch

July 14, 2023
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OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch Ranked
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As the space race of horology rekindles, we are graced with the celestial sparkles of OMEGA and Swatch‘s “Mission to Moonshine Gold.” This ambitious journey mirrors the advent of the original lunar landing, this time landing on the sophisticated surface of our wrists rather than the barren landscape of the moon. The duo’s prolific partnership has given birth to a new watch series, each as captivating as the celestial bodies that inspired them.

In 2022, the MoonSwatch disrupted the chronometric world, painting an iconic Speedmaster model with hues so vivid that both seasoned collectors and budding enthusiasts were drawn in. This year, the story continues with the introduction of the Moonshine Gold series—a set of timepieces imbued with OMEGA’s proprietary 18-karat yellow gold alloy, accentuating the seconds hand. Subtle as this transformation may seem, it is this minute detail that ignites the fascination of watch aficionados globally, capturing the essence of true luxury—exclusivity that slips under the radar.

Recently, Swatch unveiled the latest addition to the “Mission to Moonshine Gold” collection on the 3rd of July. These chronographs have been moon-phase timed, with each model introduced with the full moon’s arrival since March. But as with any lunar cycle, this is merely the beginning. As we eagerly anticipate more of these golden timepieces, let’s delve into a ranking of the four “Mission to Moonshine Gold” iterations.

1. Mission to the Moonshine Gold “Strawberry Moon”

Mission to the Moonshine Gold Strawberry Moon
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First on the list is the zesty and vibrant “Strawberry Moon,” a delightful concoction of playful tones and childhood nostalgia. Adorned with minute strawberry illustrations, this version feels like a nod to Swatch’s original Miss Fraise watch, a reminder of the whimsical humor and joy that catapulted the MoonSwatch to fame. As OMEGA and Swatch churn out more of these editions, we hope to see more of this spirit embodied in future models.


2. The original Mission to the Moonshine Gold

Mission to the Moonshine Gold
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The charm of simplicity and effectiveness is hard to miss in the original Mission to Moonshine Gold model. Echoing the hues of the real Speedmaster Moonwatch, this version stands out with a stark black face, gray bioceramic case, and the bold golden seconds hand crafted from recycled gold—a testament to sustainability in luxury watchmaking.

3. Mission to the Moonshine Gold “Flower Moon”

Mission to the Moonshine Gold Flower Moon
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To mark May’s full moon—dubbed the Flower Moon—OMEGA and Swatch presented a piece bearing white floral imagery on the Moonshine Gold seconds hand. It provided a touch more interest and flair than the previous month’s offering, but some fans yearned for more substantial design shifts, as indicated by social media responses.

4. Mission to the Moonshine Gold “Pink Full Moon”

Mission to the Moonshine Gold Pink Full Moon
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The “Pink Full Moon” variant—with its radiant Barbie-pink Super-Lumi Nova tip on the gold seconds hand—despite its appeal, is our least favored version. Despite its reference to the first full moon following the Spring Equinox, it came across as too minimal a change from the preceding Moonshine Gold model.

As we chart the path of OMEGA and Swatch’s “Mission to Moonshine Gold,” it is clear that these watches are more than mere timekeepers. They are artful expressions of our lunar fascination, a celebration of the cosmos on our wrists, each one an exclusive passage to a celestial journey.

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