Officine Générale Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, A Chromatic Spring Awakening

June 28, 2023
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Officine Générale - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week

As the last vestiges of a long and rainy spring recede, Northern Europeans are greeted by a promising summer with a refreshing splash of color, courtesy of Pierre Mahéo and his latest Officine Générale Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This season, Mahéo is transforming his grey and rainy days into a veritable fashion rainbow, diverging from his trademark muted color palette. More than an aesthetic shift, it signifies a thoughtful designer reaching out, seeking to embrace and encapsulate the many facets of his customers’ styles and sensibilities in his creations.

Renowned for his monochromatic navy, grey, black, and brown ensembles, Mahéo is now charting a vibrant course, with bold splashes of color, inspired by the fervor of a season in full bloom. “I’ve taken off my blinders, and I’m no longer designing just for myself, but for a variety of customers,” declares Mahéo, the man behind the brand, and his words echo through each piece of this collection.

Determined not just to play within the lines, but to redraw them entirely, Mahéo’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection showcases clean cuts met with bold color blocking. Imagine khaki shirts and jackets married to trousers, or shorts, of a deep, regal purple. Picture a languid blouse, the color of a late autumn sunset, tucked neatly into a swishy gray skirt, highlighting the equilibrium between bold and muted.

Bringing to life the joie de vivre of spring, the collection flaunts a tone-on-tone teal suit, adorned with a sprig of fresh greenery in the top pocket, almost like a sartorial badge of the season. In this collection, Mahéo weaves in seaside memories, with baby blue striped cotton pajama suits mirroring coastal umbrellas, and a breezy purple madras ensemble, channeling the easy, laid-back spirit of beachside leisure.


But Mahéo, ever loyal to his sartorial roots, never abandons his beloved neutrals. He ingeniously melds cream, khaki, and black into a symphony of understated elegance. A relaxed camel cardigan over a white tank and trousers embodies his signature chic comfort. Another ensemble is a canvas of grayscale, layering four subtly different shades of gray, an evident homage to one of Mahéo’s all-time favorite colors.

© Photos: Officine Générale

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