NAMESAKE Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Transcends Time and Trends

June 29, 2023
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Namesake - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week
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An air of sophistication and maturity hung heavy in the room as the curtain lifted on the NAMESAKE Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This unveiling was far more than just the latest fashion forecast from Taiwanese-American designer Steve Hsieh, it was a testament to his evolution as a creative force. Through the ticking clock that prefaced the event, Hsieh symbolically marked his journey, transforming from a bright-eyed innovator to a seasoned style maestro. The virginal white hallway, which echoed with the promise of a fresh start, reflected his intent to recast and reinvent his designs.

A shift in perspective is never easy, especially when it pertains to a beloved aesthetic. In previous seasons, Hsieh reveled in the world of basketball-inspired fashion. Yet, as the first model stepped onto the runway, it was evident that Hsieh had traded in the sporty high-tops for a more finely tailored aesthetic. The echoes of basketball weren’t entirely lost, rather they were subtly woven into the seams of crisp white shirts and collarless jackets, reminiscent of a basketball’s grip lines. The playful fusion of sporty nylon with colorful, nubby tweeds was a nod to Hsieh’s eye for textures and his ingenious ability to harmonize different elements.

This line is a reflection of my journey. With age comes responsibility, and I wanted to reflect that in my designs,” said Hsieh, his words revealing his journey toward maturity. Emblems of adulthood, like ties and sweater vests, were reimagined in the NAMESAKE collection. Yet, Hsieh maintained his youthful zest, threading these elements through oversized cutouts, striking a balance between conventional and unconventional.

A reminiscent note of his previous collections echoed in the wood toggle buttons on some jackets, a nod to the designer’s previous inspirations drawn from fishermen. Furthermore, a tie-wrap blazer emerged as a defining piece in the collection, an elegant nod to Hsieh’s Asian heritage.


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