With His N°21 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, Alessandro Dell’Acqua Reinvents The Gentleman

June 16, 2023
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No. 21 – Spring-Summer 2024
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As the sun sets on the era of logo-heavy streetwear, a new dawn breaks with Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s N°21 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. This collection is a breath of fresh air for those who seek to transcend the boundaries of conventional tailoring, offering a unique blend of youthful energy and refined elegance. Dell’Acqua’s designs are a testament to the evolving landscape of menswear, where the lines between traditionally gendered fashion are becoming increasingly blurred.

Dell’Acqua’s collection is a masterclass in the art of borrowing elements from women’s fashion and integrating them seamlessly into menswear. The poplin bowling shirt with broderie anglaise detailing is a prime example of this approach. The shirt’s graphic silhouette is simple yet striking, while the subtle broderie anglaise detailing adds a touch of sophistication. This piece encapsulates the designer’s vision of a modern man who is confident enough to embrace elements of femininity in his wardrobe.

The N°21 Spring/Summer 2024 Collection also features bolder interpretations of this vision. Standout pieces include separates adorned with a cream macro laced pattern and a ’50s floral motif, a nod to the N°21 women’s resort collection unveiled earlier this month. These designs are a testament to Dell’Acqua’s ability to reimagine vintage elements in a contemporary context.

However, not all experiments were equally successful. The shiny tweed jacket in gold, for instance, seemed a bit out of place in the otherwise cohesive collection. On the other hand, the lambswool maxi cardigan with sequins arranged in a sunburst motif was a delightful surprise. The unexpected embellishment was so well-received that Dell’Acqua decided to incorporate it into sleeveless shirts as well.


Balancing the collection’s more ornate pieces, Dell’Acqua introduced a series of casual items. He revisited the twinsets for men from the previous season, presenting a new lightweight striped version. Faux leather bomber jackets and varsity jackets in vibrant shades of orange added a pop of color to the collection, while openwork sweaters and tank tops featuring a palm tree motif reinforced the brand’s signature style.

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