Moschino Creative Director Davide Renne Dies Suddenly at 46

Moschino faces a poignant loss with the untimely passing of Davide Renne at 46. The newly appointed Creative Director, celebrated for his vision and legacy at Gucci, left a profound impact at Moschino.
November 10, 2023
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Moschino Creative Director Davide Renne Dies Suddenly at 46
© Photo: Moschino
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The fashion world witnessed Friday the unexpected passing of Davide Renne, the creative genius who was recently appointed as the creative director of Moschino. Renne had just begun his journey as Creative Director of Moschino. His career, marked by significant achievements and a unique approach to fashion, leaves behind a legacy that speaks volumes about his talent and vision.

Davide Renne, whose career included a remarkable stint at GUCCI, was known for his exceptional ability to combine traditional fashion elements with modern creativity. His appointment at Moschino was seen as a move that would bring a fresh perspective to the iconic brand, building on the foundation laid by his predecessor, Jeremy Scott. Renne’s vision for Moschino was not only to continue the brand’s legacy, but to take it to new heights.

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Massimo Ferretti, Chairman of Aeffe SpA, Moschino’s parent company, expressed his sadness and shock at Renne’s sudden departure. He recalled the optimism and enthusiasm that marked Renne’s short tenure at Moschino. Ferretti highlighted Renne’s immediate impact on the team, stating, “Davide was able to make himself immediately loved and respected.” This sentiment echoes the deep respect Renne earned in the industry, reflecting his courteous and respectful approach that resonated well with the company’s culture.


Renne’s design philosophy was deeply influenced by the playful spirit of the brand’s founder, Franco Moschino. He believed in the power of fashion to inspire joy and a sense of discovery. His approach was not to dictate trends, but to create a dialog with the audience, making fashion a personal and customized experience.

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The fashion community mourns the loss of a brilliant mind whose first collection for Moschino was highly anticipated. As the industry reflects on Renne’s contributions, it is clear that his influence extended beyond the garments he created. His philosophy, rooted in creativity and respect for tradition, will continue to inspire future generations of designers.

Renne’s journey, from his early days drawing women’s clothing to leading one of the most prestigious fashion houses, is a testament to his dedication and passion for fashion. His approach to design, marked by a search for the right questions rather than easy answers, has set him apart as a visionary in the field.

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