Montblanc Édition Écrivains Tributes to Robert Louis Stevenson

Montblanc Édition Écrivains pays homage to Robert Louis Stevenson, intricately weaving his literary legacy into exquisite writing instruments for aficionados of design and heritage.
November 9, 2023
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Montblanc Édition Écrivains Tributes to Robert Louis Stevenson

Montblanc‘s latest tribute in its Écrivains Edition celebrates a revered literary figure, Robert Louis Stevenson. This dedication is manifested in a series of writing instruments that combine the narrative of Stevenson’s life with exemplary craftsmanship.

Montblanc Édition Écrivains and the legacy of Stevenson

Montblanc, synonymous with fine writing, has unveiled its Édition Écrivains Hommage à Robert Louis Stevenson. This collection not only honors the Scottish author’s influence on literature, but also embodies the essence of his adventurous and storied existence. Despite battling a chronic bronchial condition, Stevenson penned such timeless works as “Treasure Island” and “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

A nod to nautical adventure and personal journey

The design intricacies of the Montblanc Édition Écrivains reflect Stevenson’s tales and personal odyssey. The silhouette of the instruments is reminiscent of a sailor’s spyglass, while their details – a compass rose and a skull and crossbones – echo the motifs of “Treasure Island.” Stevenson’s Samoan nickname “TUSITALA” adorns each piece, connecting the literary past to the present.

The artisanal details

The Écrivains Hommage à Robert Louis Stevenson collection showcases Montblanc’s meticulous attention to detail. The pens feature platinum finishes and special resin, with the cap’s treasure chest motif symbolizing the adventure in Stevenson’s works. The signature nib, a hallmark of the brand’s quality, bears Stevenson’s nickname amidst ocean waves, signifying his final voyage to Samoa.


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Limited editions: A Rarity in Craftsmanship

Montblanc offers limited editions within this range, each with unique elements. The 1883 Edition, for example, includes a barrel with the “Hispaniola” and a Jolly Roger flag, while the 94 Edition features engravings of pirate lore. The rarest, Edition 8, features a cap hand-engraved with black sapphires and thematic excerpts from Treasure Island.

Each edition in the collection, from the limited edition 1883 to the exquisite Edition 8, is a collector’s piece. They bear the words “UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKY“, a line from Stevenson’s own epitaph, demonstrating Montblanc’s attention to the intimate details of the author’s life and legacy.

The Montblanc Édition Écrivains Hommage à Robert Louis Stevenson is a bridge that connects literary enthusiasts with the adventurous spirit of a legendary author. With this collection, Montblanc has created a story that transcends time, inviting men who appreciate design and history to hold a piece of literary greatness in their hands.

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