Microsoft and Alcantara Unveil the Future of Tech Materials, including into Surface Pro Signature Keyboard

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Alcantara & Microsoft - Clavier Surface Pro Signature

In an age where technology and sustainability should no longer be considered mutually exclusive, tech giant Microsoft and renowned material manufacturer Alcantara have exemplified a pioneering alliance.

Their collaboration stands as a testament to the potential of integrating renewable materials in the world of tech gadgets, particularly in Microsoft’s Surface portfolio.

Since their partnership began in 2017, the two firms have held sustainability as a beacon, illuminating the path towards creating products that embrace the circular economy principle. Microsoft’s recent foray into renewable materials, with Alcantara leading the way, marks a turning point in tech innovation. Alcantara, a pioneer in sustainable practices, has been carbon neutral since 2009, and Microsoft has taken this as an opportunity to explore and innovate with their materials.

Alcantara & Microsoft - Clavier Surface Pro Signature

October 2022 marked a milestone in their joint effort. The debut of the Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard in Forest and Sapphire hues is not merely a tech advancement—it’s a sustainable initiative in disguise. Crafted from a partially biobased version of Alcantara material, these keyboards contain at least 12% renewable content sourced from sugarcane waste.

It’s an incremental but exciting step in reimagining the next generation of Pro Keyboard materials that reduce the dependency on natural resources,” stated a representative from the partnership.

Alcantara & Microsoft - Clavier Surface Pro Signature

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The versatile, elegant, and comfortable Alcantara material from Italy has taken center stage in the making of these keyboards, mirroring Microsoft’s commitment to pioneering new resources for the Surface devices, without compromising on aesthetics and user comfort.

What we are witnessing is not just an integration of renewable materials but the adoption of a broader perspective – a shift towards circular design principles in product development. It’s a manifesto promoting a ‘reduce, reuse and recover’ model in an attempt to minimize waste and extend the lifespan of Surface devices as much as feasible.

Alcantara & Microsoft - Clavier Surface Pro Signature

Looking ahead, Microsoft and Alcantara aren’t resting on their laurels. They continue to push the boundaries, striving to develop materials made from renewable resources, all the while maintaining the premium quality and aesthetic that the Surface brand is known for.

This collaboration between Microsoft and Alcantara serves as an exemplary case study for other tech companies. It portrays a tangible blueprint for marrying technological prowess with environmental stewardship, ushering in a future where tech innovation and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

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