Microsoft 22H2 Update Unveils a Fresh Perspective on Windows 11

September 22, 2023
2 mins read
Microsoft 22H2 Update Unveils a Fresh Perspective on Windows 11
© Photo: Microsoft
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There’s always an air of exhilaration in the tech community when Microsoft unveils its updates, a sentiment I’ve keenly felt and written about over the years. This time around, the 22H2 update for Windows 11 is a promising blend of AI-driven features, revamped interfaces, and improved tools. With its scheduled release on September 26th, here’s an exploration of what to expect.

Welcome the Windows Copilot

Taking center stage in Microsoft’s 22H2 update is the Windows Copilot. Remember the Bing Chat? This is its spiritual successor, designed for the Windows 11 desktop. Whether it’s controlling PC settings, launching apps, or simply finding answers to your queries, the Copilot is seamlessly integrated throughout the OS. Microsoft has gone to great lengths to make this digital assistant both intuitive and essential, even showcasing its capability to write text messages from calendar data and integrate navigation options within Outlook.

Given Microsoft’s previous venture with Cortana – which was shuttered just a month ago – there might be skepticism. But with the prowess of Bing Chat’s technologies backing it, Copilot promises real-time interaction, enabling users to pose genuine questions and receive answers.

Microsoft 22H2 Update Unveils a Fresh Perspective on Windows 11
© Photo: Microsoft

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A Fresh Outlook on Familiar Features

For those who might not be sold on AI assistance, the 22H2 update has much more in store. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the refurbished File Explorer. It’s got a contemporary feel with a carousel interface showcasing recent and favorite files, complementing Windows 11’s design aesthetic seamlessly.

Then there’s the ‘Ink Anywhere’ feature, a godsend for stylus aficionados. Jot down notes with your Surface Pen or any other stylus directly into any text box across Windows. The software will recognize, transcribe, and apply the handwritten text appropriately.

Migration to a new device? Microsoft’s bolstered Windows Backup app promises a smooth transition. This tool is designed to make your shift effortless, from preserving settings to ensuring app restoration from the Microsoft Store.

Tools for the Modern User

The Snipping Tool, a favorite for many, becomes even more potent, now able to recognize and extract text from screenshots for easy sharing across apps. Plus, the added feature that auto-redacts personal data like email addresses and phone numbers offers an added layer of privacy.

Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the Photos app’s new background blur capability. With this feature, one can instantly accentuate subjects, making them pop by blurring the backdrop.

However, it’s essential to remember that some anticipated features have been held back for now. Speculation pointed to a larger rollout come September 26th, encompassing attributes like native RAR and 7-zip support, Dynamic Lighting, and enhanced taskbar functionalities. We’re still waiting for an official word from Microsoft regarding these and the subsequent 23H2 update.

Elevating Every Experience

Delving deeper, the 22H2 update presents functionalities that make complex tasks straightforward. Copilot, beyond its primary features, boasts a robust presence – whether it’s on your taskbar or accessed via keyboard shortcuts. The update amplifies Paint with AI capabilities, introducing background removal, layers, and even a Cocreator preview.

Photos gets an AI-boost too, enhancing the editing process. Features like Background Blur stand out, with the app distinguishing subjects and backgrounds, streamlining photo edits. Search improvements within the app coupled with content and location-based photo retrieval are a significant leap.

Even Clipchamp, which aids in video creation, now provides auto compose – suggesting edits, scenes, and narratives derived from your media. And for those who swear by Notepad, the app will now remember and restore open tabs, unsaved content, and edits.

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