Maurice Lacroix Elevates Craftsmanship at Only Watch 2023 with its “Masterpieces”

Maurice Lacroix presents a Masterpiece at Only Watch 2023, merging artistry and innovation. The sapphire-housed creation reflects a commitment to horological excellence and societal contribution, symbolizing hope and unity in the fight against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
October 3, 2023
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Maurice Lacroix Elevates Craftsmanship at Only Watch 2023 with its "Masterpieces"

The stage is meticulously set for Only Watch 2023, a paramount event where the epitome of horological ingenuity converges. This biennial auction stands as a testament to time, where artisans breathe life into their unparalleled creations. In the midst of this illustrious gathering, Maurice Lacroix, a name synonymous with innovation and finesse, marks its stellar presence, unveiling a masterpiece that is destined to be etched in the annals of time.

This heralded Jura-based brand, famed for its intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship, marries tradition and innovation in a dance of elements that defy the ordinary. This year, the brand elevates its commitment to crafting iconic timepieces, presenting a remarkable creation that is not only a testament to skill but also a beacon of hope, echoing the charitable spirit of Only Watch.

Maurice Lacroix Elevates Craftsmanship at Only Watch 2023 with its "Masterpieces"

Maurice Lacroix’s entrancing creation for Only Watch 2023 encapsulates the essence of meticulous artistry. The timepiece is housed in a sapphire crystal case, a feature that illuminates the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection and innovation. Amidst the dazzling array of luxury watches, the “Masterpiece” from Maurice Lacroix promises to stand apart, embodying a narrative woven with precision, art, and altruism.

The intimate connection between artistry and philanthropy is where the soul of our brand lies,” shares Stéphane Waser, Managing Director of Maurice Lacroix. “Our enduring commitment to Only Watch is an affirmation of our journey towards horological excellence, grounded in our unwavering pledge to societal contribution.


Since its inaugural participation in 2009, Maurice Lacroix has unfurled a tableau of ingenuity and compassion. This year, the Masterpiece emerges as a poetic testament to time, underscored by the brand’s inherent ethos of giving back. Enveloped in hues that evoke a celestial dance, the Maurice Lacroix Only Watch 2023 is a harmonious confluence of aesthetic brilliance and functional elegance.

Maurice Lacroix Elevates Craftsmanship at Only Watch 2023 with its "Masterpieces"

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Adorned with a hand-wounded Manufacture movement, the Masterpiece exudes an ethereal charm. The intricate workings, usually concealed, are laid bare, allowing aficionados to immerse in the rhythm of time that courses through the watch. A spectrum of colors, reminiscent of a painter’s most cherished palette, graces the timepiece, illuminating the noble cause that lies at the heart of its creation.

The spirit of Only Watch is not merely a celebration of horological grandeur but a profound narrative of unity and hope,” opines Luc Pettavino, Founder of Only Watch. “Brands like Maurice Lacroix illuminate this journey, where every tick of the hand is a step towards a world unmarred by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.”

Echoing a legacy spanning nearly five decades, Maurice Lacroix has meticulously crafted timepieces that transcend temporal confines. With accolades adorning its illustrious journey, the brand stands as a vanguard of innovation and design. The AIKON, a paradigm of modern and audacious spirit, encapsulates a generation that seeks to meld the pulsating energy of urban landscapes with the silent, yet resonant, narrative of time.

Maurice Lacroix Elevates Craftsmanship at Only Watch 2023 with its "Masterpieces"

As the anticipation for Only Watch 2023 ascends, the gaze of connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike converges on the “Masterpiece” by Maurice Lacroix. A creation that is not merely a timepiece but a narrative, where the relentless march of seconds and minutes is imbued with hope, innovation, and an unwavering pledge to transcend the ordinary. Amidst the silent ticks, echoes a story – profound and resonant – a journey where time is not just measured but is intrinsically woven with the indefatigable spirit of human endeavor and hope.

© Photos: Maurice Lacroix

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