The Magliano Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Crafts an Ode to the Ordinary

June 21, 2023
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Magliano Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

Embodying an ethos that transcends mere couture, the Magliano Spring/Summer 2024 Collection captures the magic and sentimentality of the everyday.

Fresh off his shared victory of the Karl Lagerfeld Special Jury Prize at the 2023 LVMH Prize, Luca Magliano graced the revered Palazzo del Ghiaccio venue to unfurl his latest masterpieces, bringing together the crème de la crème of fashion’s critical eyes. Striking a balance between the grandeur of the venue and the humble, reminiscent aesthetics of his designs, Magliano conjures a captivating paradox, inviting spectators to embark on a journey through his deeply personal fashion narrative.

Embarking from a time-worn runway of industrial felt, Magliano charted a course to his roots, an exploration of fashion basics and small-town personas. Every piece echoes a tale of authenticity and echoes an emotional chord, greeted by resounding approval from the audience as models of all ages strutted the finale walk.

Magliano’s crafting methodology mirrors the likes of Matthew M. Williams, championing clothing that tells a story, albeit one weathered through time and tactile manipulation. However, it’s in the humbler, more mundane aesthetics where Magliano truly shines. His designs become a canvas for real-life imprints, from intentional coffee spills to the charred whispers of burn marks on jeans and jackets. The intentional slump of wooly cardigans and roughly constructed waistbands transport wearers and spectators alike back to simpler times.

The collection teems with delightful peculiarities – fabric strands cascading off T-shirt collars, golden chains entwined as chest adornments, a jeweled brooch strategically positioned over a kidney, and a swath of fabric that cascades away from an oversized black blazer to unveil delicate lace. Amid the collection’s relaxed 80’s tailoring and nostalgic eccentricities, Magliano weaves in subtle, intimate touches like small feather boas and other playful, boudoir-inspired details.


Subtle visual dialogues are interspersed throughout the collection, with T-shirts and tank tops bearing earnest messages of gratitude and prayers. Meanwhile, other pieces loudly champion the Magliano SRL logo. Rather than mere branding, these symbols served a dual purpose as they evoked a heartfelt tribute to Magliano’s beloved hometown of Bologna and his fashion house – an homage to his roots and the place where dreams morph into tangible designs.

The Magliano Spring/Summer 2024 collection goes beyond fashion. It crafts a narrative that sings praises of the ordinary while exalting the charm of the old, the humble, and the familiar. This collection is a story of gratitude and tribute, carefully woven into threads and proudly worn, speaking to the heart of those who know that every stitch has a tale to tell.

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