Lotus Joins Onoyo for a Luxuous 75th Anniversaire Collaboration

Lotus and Onoto unveil a luxurious pen, marking their 75th anniversary. A blend of iconic design and British craftsmanship, this piece is a testament to innovation, legacy, and artistic elegance.
October 5, 2023
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Lotus Joins Onoyo for a Legendary 75th Anniversaire Collaboration
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Lotus and Onoyo have stepped into the spotlight, unveiling a majestic creation born from their 75th Anniversaire Collaboration. This harmonious fusion epitomizes the zenith of British craftsmanship, capturing the soul of innovation and luxury.

Lotus, a beacon of innovation and splendor in the automotive realm, ignites the essence of its 75-year journey through a amazing partnership with Onoyo. This alliance, far beyond the ordinary, is a testament to the majestic alliance of legacy and innovation. “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Onoto, a brand that shares our commitment to exceptional quality and innovative design,” extols Yingjia Yao, the Vice President of Group Lotus and Global Head of Lotus Life.

With this collaboration, Onoyo, the distinguished harbinger of luxury that’s meticulously handcrafted, breathes life into a piece where every stroke tells a tale of the glorious journey. The opulent offering isn’t a mere writing instrument but an odyssey through time, enveloping the proud spirit of the iconic Lotus MK1, a reminiscence from 1948, crafted with premium quality recycled aluminum sourced from historic Lotus Formula One cars. It is a legacy personified, where touch meets emotion, and craftsmanship kisses the epitome of luxury.

We’re excited to work with our design team to shape a more sustainable world,” Yao continues, illuminating the horizons of this alliance that extends beyond craftsmanship to embody a commitment towards a world flourishing in elegance and sustainability. The 75th Anniversaire Collaboration isn’t merely an offering but an experience, where the soulful touch of Onoyo’s legacy marries Lotus’s tradition, giving birth to a creation that’s not only seen but profoundly felt.


A jewel, priced at €3,785, that doesn’t just rest in the hands but embarks upon an intimate dance with the soul, echoing the silent sonnets of the “ACBC” personal monogram, the initials of Lotus Cars founder, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman.

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