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Rare “Devil’s Comet” Makes a 71-Year Return, Offering Skywatchers a Celestial Spectacle

Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, nicknamed the "Devil's Comet," returns after 71 years. Visible in the coming weeks, the comet offers a rare…

By Olivier Delavande

RIMOWA Taps Jay Chou for New “Never Still” Travel Campaign

RIMOWA unveils its "Never Still" campaign featuring Jay Chou. The film celebrates travel's transformative power and features a bespoke soundtrack…

By Olivier Delavande

Dalloyau Unveils Exquisite Easter Eggs Inspired by the Beggar’s Treat

Dalloyau's Easter 2024 collection features three irresistible Easter eggs, crafted with sustainable Cameroon chocolates and a harmonious blend of textures…

By Olivier Delavande

Nova Outburst from T Coronae Borealis Expected to Light Up Night Sky

T Coronae Borealis, a binary star system, is expected to undergo a nova outburst between February and September 2024, becoming…

By Olivier Delavande

Over 100 New Species Discovered in New Zealand’s Bounty Trough

Scientists discover over 100 new marine species including fish, mollusks and corals in largely unexplored Bounty Trough off New Zealand.

By Olivier Delavande

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Unveils Exquisite Easter Egg by Award-Winning Pastry Chef Narae Kim

Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme offers a limited-edition Easter egg by award-winning pastry chef Narae Kim. The luxurious chocolate creation features hidden…

By Olivier Delavande

Ryan Gosling’s Electrifying “I’m Just Ken” Performance Steals the Show At Oscars 2024

Ryan Gosling delivered an outrageous live performance of "I'm Just Ken" at the 2024 Oscars, joined by co-stars and musicians…

By Olivier Delavande

L’Hôtel Martinez Unveils Exquisite Easter Egg “La Pomme de Pin”

The Hôtel Martinez unveils a unique Easter egg, "La Pomme de Pin", shaped like a pine cone. Made with dark…

By Olivier Delavande