Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in ID Genève, a Rising Sustainable Watch Brand

Leonardo DiCaprio partners with ID Genève, merging luxury and sustainability. Their eco-conscious watches, crafted with innovation and precision, epitomize a commitment to environmental welfare without compromising the allure of Swiss watchmaking.
October 19, 2023
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Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in ID Genève, a Rising Sustainable Watch Brand
Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the Circulaire S - Soleil from ID Genève - © Photo: ID Genève
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When the renowned actor and environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio announced his investment in the watchmaking brand ID Genève, the luxury industry turned its gaze toward a brand making significant strides in sustainable luxury. Combining eco-conscious ethos with Swiss precision, ID Genève, and DiCaprio are scripting a new chapter in the realm of timepieces that resonates with quality, luxury, and ecological responsibility.

Founded in 2020, ID Genève is no stranger to the principles of environmental sustainability. They are committed to constructing a narrative around watches that are as conscious of the passing of time as they are of the environmental footprint they leave behind. Leonardo DiCaprio, with his long-standing commitment to environmental causes, finds a harmonious partnership with the brand, fostering a marriage between luxury and sustainability.

I am thrilled to be an investor in ID Genève, a brand that’s driving change in the luxury industry and beyond, by consistently innovating and focusing on circular economy principles,” DiCaprio shared. This endorsement and partnership underscore a shared mission to introduce refined aesthetics and quality, without compromising the welfare of our planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in ID Genève, a Rising Sustainable Watch Brand
The original ID Genève “Circular 1” – © Photo: ID Genève

ID Genève has meticulously crafted its Circular S series, a testament to innovation and eco-friendly practices. The watches, forged from recycled steel re-melted in a solar furnace, epitomize a reduced carbon footprint, underscoring the brand’s unyielding commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, vegetable straps and natural materials in their packaging illustrate a holistic approach to ecological consciousness.


Nicolas Freudiger, the brand’s co-founder, expresses his excitement about their partnership with DiCaprio. “ID Genève is at the crossroad of Swiss watchmaking tradition and circular economy,” he noted, adding that the collaboration amplifies their voice in advocating for real solutions to climate change.

The recent unveiling of the Circular C collection further illustrates ID Genève’s innovative spirit. In collaboration with CompPair, the brand introduced a timepiece made using Regenerative Carbon. This breakthrough sees the meticulous integration of recycled carbon fibers, a stride toward sustainability that does not sacrifice the luxurious appeal of ID Genève’s creations.

DiCaprio’s advocacy for environmental consciousness is not new. His foundation, established over two decades ago, is a beacon of his commitment to preserving the Earth’s last wild places. Joining hands with ID Genève aligns with his mission, echoing a sentiment that luxury and environmental mindfulness can harmoniously coexist.

The brand’s inception stems from the aligned visions of CEO Nicolas Freudiger, COO Céderic Mulhauser, and designer Singal Depery. They have woven their distinct skills and shared eco-conscious philosophy into the fabric of ID Genève. With DiCaprio’s backing, the brand is poised to elevate its position in the luxury watchmaking landscape while underscoring the urgency of climate action.

Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in ID Genève, a Rising Sustainable Watch Brand
ID Genève Team – © Photo: ID Genève

In the realm of watchmaking, ID Genève stands distinct, steering the narrative toward a harmony between the opulence of luxury timepieces and sustainable practices. The watch straps, crafted to be fully compostable, and packaging made from natural materials such as mushrooms or seaweed, illustrate a brand committed to the comprehensive welfare of the environment.

In the wake of the CHF 2 million seed round funding, ID Genève is not just a brand but a movement, with the ardent support of investors and the impassioned advocacy of Leonardo DiCaprio. It accentuates the notion that the luxury of time is intertwined with the custodianship of the planet, a sentiment echoed by Dr. Guenther Dobrauz-Saldapenna of Exelixis Capital AG who praised ID Genève’s commitment to the circular economy.

The journey of ID Genève is also intrinsically linked with the personal evolution of its founders. Mulhauser’s early initiation into the world of watchmaking at Vacheron Constantin and Freudiger’s business acumen have converged to give birth to a brand that is as conscious of the intricacies of time as it is of the ecological footprint it imprints on the Earth.

As ID Genève carves its niche in the luxury watchmaking industry, it doesn’t merely offer exquisite timepieces but invites enthusiasts into a world where luxury is not extracted but earned, where the ticking of every second hand is a reminder of the incessant march of time and the urgency to embrace sustainable practices.

The brand’s Circular S collection, an amalgamation of Swiss precision and eco-conscious ethos, is emblematic of ID Genève’s commitment. The watches, with their recycled steel cases and refurbished movements, are a narrative of elegance woven into sustainability, inviting connoisseurs to partake in a journey where luxury is a symbiosis with nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s partnership with ID Genève is not a mere endorsement but a testament to a shared vision. A vision that sees the hands of time not just as markers of fleeting moments, but as silent narrators of a story where every tick echoes the urgency of ecological consciousness and the luxury of a planet preserved in its pristine glory.

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