Lenôtre’s magical Easter collection: Abracadabra, it’s enchanted chocolate!

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Easter 2023 - Lenôtre

Presto! Lenôtre is back with a bang, and this time they’ve got a collection that will leave you spellbound! Introducing the Magic Pâques (Magic Easter) range – a confectionary extravaganza that showcases the enchanting world of magic.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre

The talented team of Guy Krenzer (Lenôtre’s Creative Director) and Etienne Leroy (Pastry Chef for Sweet Creation) have worked their magic to bring you a collection that will make you believe in the impossible. With their precise hand movements, these chocolate chefs have conjured up creations that will make you question if what you’re seeing is real or just an illusion.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre

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Imagine a rabbit popping out of a hat, but instead of a rabbit, it’s a delicious chocolate creation. That’s what the Magic Pâques range is all about! This gourmet show promises to delight the young and the old, and the artist Aline Balbous has added her own touch of magic to the illustrations, making them come alive.

It’s not magic, folks, it’s just the incredible skills of the Lenôtre team. So go ahead, grab your wand and indulge in the magic of chocolate. Abracadabra!

L’Œuf Magicien (The Wizard Egg)

This wizard egg with a mischievous look is ready to show you its most beautiful magic trick! It is made of a half egg in milk chocolate, decorated with praline.

It is dressed in a dark chocolate and marzipan cape, and topped with a dark chocolate hat. It is accompanied by milk chocolate chips and eggs filled with milk praline hazelnut feuilletine.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre - L’Œuf Magicien
L’Œuf Magicien

L’Œuf Magicien (300 g) : 60€.
Available from March 15, 2023 in stores and on lenotre.com

La Magie de Pâques (The Magic of Easter)

Étienne Leroy, the House’s head pastry chef, is inspired by the theme of magic by reproducing the magician’s most famous trick, the magic hat!

From this imposing top hat molded in dark chocolate, a magnificent egg-shaped birdcage springs up in a flight of white chocolate playing cards, whose milk chocolate doors are chiseled like wrought iron. As artistic and delicate as the paper cut-out birds from which they are inspired, the doves that escape are made of white chocolate and bring the final touch of elegance to this chocolate sculpture.

Entirely assembled by hand, this limited edition gourmet work of art is composed of more than 1.5 kg of the House’s signature 36% milk and 70% dark cocoa chocolates and white chocolate.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre - La Magie de Pâques
La Magie de Pâques

La Magie de Pâques (1.5 kg) : 490 €.
Available from March 15, 2023 in stores and on lenotre.com

Chocolate bar “La Colombe”

A gourmet bar with a dove motif, filled with almond praline and coated with dark chocolate.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre - La Colombe
Chocolate bar “La Colombe”

“La Colombe”, dark chocolate bar with almond praline (90 g): 18 €.

Chocolate bar “l’As de Cœur” (Ace of hearts)

A gourmet bar with an Ace of Hearts motif, filled with pure French hazelnut praline and coated with milk chocolate.

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre - L'As de Cœur
Chocolate bar “L’As de Cœur”

“L’As de cœur”, milk chocolate bar with hazelnut praline (90 g) : 18 €.

Chocolate bar “Le Chapeau du Lapin” (The Rabbit’s Hat)

Milk chocolate bar filled with nougatine chips and coated with milk chocolate, decorated with the inevitable magician’s hat and wand!

Easter 2023 - Lenôtre - Le Chapeau du Lapin
Chocolate bar “Le Chapeau du Lapin”

“Le Chapeau de lapin”, milk chocolate bar, nougatine chips (250 g) : 35 €.

Milk chocolate egg with hazelnut praline filling

Composed of a milk chocolate shell filled with a generous layer of spread made from pure French hazelnut praline, French hazelnut paste and feuilletine, this milk chocolate egg will delight the most gourmand and will make young and old melt with pleasure!

It is entirely coated with crunchy praline and decorated with roasted hazelnuts.

Easter 2022 - Lenôtre - Milk Chocolate Egg with Hazelnut Praline Filling
Milk Chocolate Egg with Hazelnut Praline Filling

Milk chocolate egg with hazelnut praline filling (340 g) : 65 €.
Available from March 15, 2023 in the stores and on lenotre.com

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