LEGO celebrates the Lunar New Year 2023 with a “Money Tree” that will bring prosperity and luck

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LEGO Money Tree - Lunar New Year 2023

Fashion and sneakers actors are not the only ones to celebrate the entry of a part of the world in the new year of the Water Rabbit. LEGO also joins the celebrations with a “Money Tree”, supposed in the Chinese tradition to bring prosperity and wealth to the one who owns it.

With a height of more than six inches, the LEGO’s “Money Tree” is composed of 336 pieces and decorated with 20 tangerines – in China and in a part of Asia, the tangerine is generally associated with luck and success since in Chinese, the pronunciation of the word Tangerine and the word Faste being very close.

Hence, it is very popular during the New Year celebrations – 14 traditional red envelopes and 10 silver coins. The “Money Tree” is completed with a bright red planter, color synonymous with luck par excellence, decorated with floral motifs, and gold bars.

A great gift to bring luck to your loved ones and test their skill – the rabbit, in the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes high skill and vigilance as the animal stands still when the wind blows and the grass bends, and runs as fast as lightning if there is real danger.

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LEGO Money Tree - Lunar New Year 2023
LEGO Money Tree - Lunar New Year 2023

This LEGO “Money Tree” will be available on December 25 on lego.com and in the brand’s retail stores.

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