Kylian Mbappe Stays at PSG… For Now And Could Sign New Deal at Paris Saint-Germain

August 14, 2023
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Kylian Mbappe Stays at PSG… For Now And Could Sign New Deal at Paris Saint-Germain
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In the heart of Paris, among the famed boulevards and streets echoing with rich history, there’s a resurgence of a different story: one that has, for months, ensnared the world of football. Kylian Mbappe, the golden child of Paris Saint-Germain and an emblem of France’s footballing prowess, appeared to be on the verge of an unceremonious exit from his home club. But recent events suggest this story is far from over.

To grasp the enormity of this narrative, one must rewind a bit. Kylian Mbappe, this spectacular talent, had been sidelined by PSG, finding himself in the “loft.” This act was akin to having the Mona Lisa stored in the Louvre’s basement, unseen and forgotten.

While the likes of Messi still shone in the PSG spotlight, despite his own tumultuous last season, Mbappe’s star seemed to wane. That was, until an unsuspecting Saturday night when the prodigal son made his unanticipated appearance. By his side, he had not just his new teammate Ousmane Dembele, but a court that included his family members, powerful influencers in the Mbappe narrative.

With PSG’s president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, hovering nearby, the scene whispered of behind-the-scenes talks and possible reconciliations. Indeed, murmurs trickled out about a discussion between Mbappe and Al-Khelaifi, suggesting the chasm might not be insurmountable.


The statement from PSG on Sunday morning, confirming Mbappe’s reintegration into the first team, seemed to signal more than just a procedural move: “Following very constructive and positive discussions between Paris Saint-Germain and Kylian Mbappe before the PSG — Lorient game on Saturday, the player has been reinstated into the first team training squad this morning.” As the footballer stepped back onto the training grounds of Poissy, Al-Khelaifi’s words resonated: “Kylian is back.

But what birthed this shift? What made PSG reopen the door for Mbappe, and does this signify a long-term commitment between the two?

Mbappe’s sentiments have been transparent. He cherishes PSG but is hesitant about renewing his ties. With speculations of a potential move to the likes of Real Madrid, the waters remained murky. Yet, recent indications from the club affirm that they aren’t keen on letting their crown jewel go, at least not this season.

The financial intricacies surrounding Mbappe’s stay are staggering. Le Parisien highlighted a colossal €630 million value attached to his contract extension. And yet, money isn’t the sole pivot here. Mbappe’s relationship with PSG, once affectionate, has been strained. Reports from club insiders hinted at Mbappe’s clandestine agreement with Real Madrid, resulting in potential legal recourses by PSG.

However, the heart yearns what it wants. For Luis Enrique, PSG’s head coach, that heart yearned for Mbappe. He professed his wishes openly, emphasizing the club’s stature above individual glories.

And the sentiment is echoed by the fans. Vladimir Kojic, a loyalist since PSG’s genesis, voiced his dismay over the Mbappe-PSG rift, while others like Alexandre Blampain, a decade-old season-ticket holder, express their ardor for Mbappe and yearn for his stay.

Kylian Mbappe Stays at PSG… For Now And Could Sign New Deal at Paris Saint-Germain
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Yet, winds of change are blowing through the Parc des Princes. Neymar, another PSG titan, might soon don a new jersey, while Marco Verratti finds himself sidelined from Enrique’s vision. All these shifts suggest that the weight of Mbappe’s paycheck might soon be balanced.

Amidst this evolving tapestry, the idea of a contract renewal for Kylian Mbappe, though convoluted, isn’t off the table. PSG’s mention of a release-clause mechanism, valued at €200 million, showcases their determination to retain the star. But Paris, a city known for its intricate love stories, knows that heart matters can’t be simply drafted on paper.

Mbappe’s recent alignment with PSG might be a tentative step towards reconciliation. However, the football world knows the whimsical nature of such relationships. Florentino Perez, Real Madrid’s president, had once felt the sting of Mbappe’s unpredictable decisions.

For now, in this ever-evolving saga, PSG and Kylian Mbappe seem to be in a delicate dance, tentatively stepping closer. And as with any Parisian tale, the world watches, anticipating the next act in this compelling drama.

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