Krayon’s Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

September 25, 2023
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Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature
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The eternal dance of light and shadow, day and night, sunrise and sunset – these are the timeless rhythms that govern our blue planet. Through its exquisite artistry and technical prowess, Krayon’s Anywhere Only Watch 2023 offers wearers a unique perspective on these natural cycles.

Krayon’s commitment to upholding high horological craftsmanship, which has shaped the watchmaking landscape for over four centuries, is evident. By cherishing and evolving these age-old techniques with a contemporary outlook, the brand ensures the future remains illuminated by these rich traditions.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

A special feature of this Anywhere Only Watch 2023 masterpiece is Krayon‘s nod to the breathtaking masterpiece “Coastal Scene” by neo-impressionist Belgian artist Théo van Rysselberghe. Housed in the prestigious National Gallery in London, this painting resonates with the very essence of the watch – an embodiment of serene beauty, rich in details, and painted using the pointillism technique.

Drawing parallels from the 2021 edition where Krayon’s mastery of miniature painting was at the forefront, this year’s creation again embraces the shade of blue. But it goes a step further. Inspired by Rysselberghe’s artwork, it intricately employs pointillism. This delicate art form, with each minute brushstroke, mimics the canvas, casting myriad shades of blue reminiscent of the shimmering play of sunlight upon waves.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

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The genius behind this creation, watch designer Rémi Maillat, founder of Krayon, seamlessly integrates time-honored Swiss traditions with modern nuances, pleasing aficionados and those with an appreciation for rarities. His vision reflects not just through the technical marvel of the watch’s movement but also the artistically crafted dial.

Krayon’s Anywhere Only Watch 2023 doesn’t merely tell time. It is an anthem to nature. It’s a piece that allows its wearers to determine the precise moments of sunrise and sunset, anywhere on the globe. This hyper-complication isn’t its only charm. The grade 5 titanium case, coupled with the intricacies of the pointillist dial, amplifies its singularity.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

This masterpiece, designed exclusively for the Only Watch 2023 charity auction, houses 432 components that epitomize artistic serenity and technical brilliance. Hues of blue, as seen in the previous Anywhere watch, deepen the purpose, beckoning wearers to immerse in the ethereal moments just before dawn or twilight.

Imagine possessing the power to pinpoint the exact moment of sunrise or sunset, irrespective of your location. Such is the magic of the Anywhere complication, showcasing our profound connection with Earth. At its heart, it reiterates that there’s no place more significant than our current presence, whether it’s a tangible location or a cherished memory.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

Rémi Maillat’s expertise lies in transforming complex, unforeseen concepts into tangible horological masterpieces. His creations beautifully convey the intertwined essence of time and space, marking the convergence of personal experiences and objective realities.

Historically, timepieces featuring dates or astronomical indications have always been considered marvels of engineering. Their roots trace back to ancient observations that span cultures and civilizations. A watch that showcases a calendar isn’t just a mechanical wonder; it’s a bridge connecting us to the cosmos.

At the heart of Krayon’s Anywhere Only Watch 2023 is the Calibre C030. Entirely crafted in Neuchatel, Switzerland, by the visionary Rémi Maillat, this movement is a testament to Swiss precision and design. With its slim profile and manual winding mechanism, it promises a tantalizing glimpse into a world where time and space morph into a personal narrative.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

For Rémi, every timepiece starts as a pencil sketch, hence the name Krayon, derived from the French word for pencil. Over the years, he has unveiled creations that beautifully blend mathematics, horological artistry, and profound philosophical depth.

The Krayon brand, with its rich history and accolades, continues to capture imaginations and hearts worldwide. Whether it was the Anywhere Métiers d’Art, which fetched four times its estimated price in 2021 or the mesmerizing Anywhere Métiers d’Art Azur in 2022, Krayon has consistently pushed boundaries.

Krayon's Anywhere Only Watch 2023, A Timeless Ode to Nature

This year is no different. With the one-off Anywhere Only Watch 2023, Krayon celebrates pointillism, showcased by a passionate artist from La Chaux-de-Fonds. It’s a poignant tribute to Rysselberghe’s “Coastal Scene” – a promise of timeless elegance and unmatched sophistication.

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