Konstantin Chaykin’s Stargazer Only Watch 2023, A Masterpiece of Complications

September 13, 2023
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Konstantin Chaykin's Stargazer Only Watch 2023, A Masterpiece of Complications
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The world of horology never ceases to amaze, and the Stargazer Only Watch 2023 by Konstantin Chaykin is a testament to that. Konstantin Chaykin, a renowned independent watchmaker and a member of the AHCI Academy, has been making waves in the watchmaking industry since he founded his own manufacture in 2003. With numerous patents and the prestigious WIPO Gold Medal to his name, Chaykin has outdone himself with the Stargazer, the most complicated watch he has ever created, featuring 16 complications, a double-sided reversible design, and a preshaped reversible bracelet.

Konstantin Chaykin's Stargazer Only Watch 2023, A Masterpiece of Complications

A New Chapter in the Wristmons Collection

The Stargazer is part of Chaykin’s Wristmons collection, which was launched in 2017 with the creation of the Joker watch with dial-face. This collection quickly became a favorite among collectors, and Chaykin has created complex and unusual Wristmons for the Only Watch charity auctions in 2017, 2019, and 2021, always garnering great interest. The Only Watch initiative is symbolic of the many facets of watchmaking; it is not only an expression of creative spirit and a perpetuation of age-old traditions but also a means to contribute to medical research.

For the 2023 edition of Only Watch, Chaykin focused on creating a multi-complication watch by combining the Joker design with an unprecedented number of complications. The Stargazer boasts a total of 16 complications, including a tourbillon and 11 astronomical functions. This led to the development of a double-sided reversible design, a first for the Wristmons collection, featuring a symmetrical case shape, swinging H-shaped lugs, a pre-shaped reversible strap, and a reversible buckle.

Konstantin Chaykin's Stargazer Only Watch 2023, A Masterpiece of Complications

Exclusivity in Material and Design

The components of the Stargazer are made of genuine “Bulat” stainless steel, an exotic alloy used exclusively by Konstantin Chaykin. This material is extremely hard and durable, almost impossible to scratch, and has a natural surface texture that is pleasant to the touch. Chaykin reserves “Bulat” steel only for his finest creations, making it a truly exclusive material.


The Stargazer features two dials, allowing for the display of numerous indications without compromising legibility. Some of the complications, such as a discrete moonphase indicator and sunrise and sunset azimuth indicators, are unprecedented in the history of watchmaking and are patent pending. The reversible design of the Stargazer makes it easy to wear on either side. The symmetrical case design, special swinging H-shaped lugs, and pre-shaped leather strap allow the watch to be worn upside down, and Chaykin has also reinvented the strap with curved “Bulat” steel fins that bend in the opposite direction when pressed lightly.

Konstantin Chaykin's Stargazer Only Watch 2023, A Masterpiece of Complications

A Masterpiece of In-house Calibres and Unprecedented Complications

The Stargazer is the latest addition to the exclusive Masterpiece Wristmons collection, which features in-house calibres and unprecedented complications. Chaykin put in special effort to design the dial with 10 complications while preserving the iconic Joker dial. The remaining six complications are located on the tourbillon side of the watch. By naming it the Stargazer, Chaykin suggests that the owner of the watch is an astrologer embarking on a quest to count the exact number of stars (99 in total) used in the design.

Konstantin Chaykin‘s Stargazer Only Watch 2023 is a marvel of horological craftsmanship. It not only represents the pinnacle of Chaykin’s creativity and expertise but also serves a noble cause by contributing to the Only Watch charity auction. With its double-sided reversible design, unprecedented complications, and exclusive “Bulat” steel components, the Stargazer is a true masterpiece that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of collectors and horology enthusiasts worldwide.

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