A Musical Odyssey: Kenshi Yonezu’s Impact on Final Fantasy XVI’s Official Theme Song

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Final Fantasy XVI - Kenshi Yonezu Theme Song

The Japanese musical maestro Kenshi Yonezu and Square Enix joined forces for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI to create a theme song that transcends generations and immerses gamers in a world of fantasy and adventure.

The magical realm of Final Fantasy XVI, developed by Square Enix, is set to be enhanced by the melodic prowess of Kenshi Yonezu, a multi-talented Japanese singer-songwriter, producer, and illustrator. Yonezu’s enchanting track, “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing,” has been chosen as the official theme song for the game, showcasing his exceptional musical talent.

Kenshi Yonezu has become a household name in Japan since his 2019 hit single, “Lemon,” which topped Billboard Japan’s year-end music charts for two consecutive years. His influence extends beyond mainstream music, as he has made a considerable impact on the ACG (animation, comics, and gaming) community. Yonezu’s music has been featured in various popular media franchises, including My Hero Academia and Chainsaw Man.

Final Fantasy XVI - Kenshi Yonezu Theme Song

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The collaboration between Yonezu and Square Enix was a match made in heaven, as both the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, and Yonezu are ardent admirers of each other’s work. Yoshida expressed his confidence in Yonezu’s ability to compose a theme song that would capture the essence of Final Fantasy XVI, while also resonating with fans across generations. Yonezu’s passion for gaming and his love for the Final Fantasy series made this partnership even more fitting.

Yonezu said he was both humbled and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the legendary game franchise. He acknowledged the profound influence Final Fantasy has had on his life and was thrilled to have the chance to compose a song specifically for Final Fantasy XVI.

As gamers around the world eagerly await the release of Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5 on June 22, with other platforms to follow on December 31, they can catch a glimpse of the captivating world and a snippet of Kenshi Yonezu’s “Tsuki Wo Miteita – Moongazing” in the game’s latest teaser video. The powerful partnership between Yonezu and Square Enix promises to deliver an unforgettable auditory experience, elevating the immersive quality of the game to new heights.

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