K-pop Star Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Appointed as Versace Global Brand Ambassador

August 1, 2023
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Versace x Hyunjin Stray Kids

When it comes to embracing culture’s cutting-edge, Versace is a maestro, steering its luxurious gondola deftly through the currents of contemporary trends. Striking yet another match with the effervescent dynamo of celebrity culture, Versace has chosen a new flag-bearer for its exquisite lineage — Hyunjin, member of the K-pop boy band, Stray Kids.

The announcement marks a strategic plunge into the surging wave of K-pop, with the Italian luxury brand seeking to buoy itself on the crest of this South Korean musical juggernaut. The move unfolds a fresh chapter in the fashion-luxury convergence, proving the industry’s ability to evolve, even after the recent COVID-triggered convulsions.

As the newly anointed global brand ambassador, Hyunjin, with his staggering 72.3 million social media followers, is primed to spearhead Versace’s Holiday 2023 campaign. In true Versace fashion, the initiative will unfurl a visual extravaganza, replete with riveting images and captivating videos, slated for a November launch.

Versace x Hyunjin Stray Kids

Donatella Versace, the brand’s chief creative officer, effuses warmth and admiration for the new recruit, whom she sees as a ‘true Versace man’. She heralds Hyunjin’s energy, creativity, and the freedom of his expression as the embodiment of the Versace spirit. Indeed, Donatella’s knack for fostering symbiotic relationships with celebrities, as seen with her creative collaboration with Dua Lipa for the “La Vacanza” cruise collection, seems to be steering the brand’s evolution.


Hyunjin reciprocates the appreciation, expressing a mix of inspiration and honor at his appointment. His excitement about joining the Versace journey is palpable, and the anticipation of the artistic synergy with Donatella is nothing short of infectious. His debut at the Versace’s “La Vacanza” fashion show and the subsequent Versace pop-up event in Seoul hinted at the promising journey to come.

In this novel role, Hyunjin joins an elite ensemble of Versace ambassadors, such as Chinese singer Chris Lee and actress Anne Hathaway, who have illuminated previous Versace campaigns. His appointment also coincides with a rising trend of luxury brands entrusting their global ambassadorship to K-pop stars. Earlier this week, Cartier announced BTS’s Kim Taehyung as its newest global brand ambassador, and Loewe followed suit with NCT’s Taeyong.

Stray Kids, the eight-member boy band formed in 2017, have marked an extraordinary journey. Despite losing a member early in their career, the group has registered remarkable achievements, including platinum-certified albums and multimillion-selling EPs. As they gear up to headline the opening night of the three-day Lollapalooza festival in Paris, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this announcement.

K-pop’s influence on the global luxury market is increasingly apparent. Brands like PRADA, DIOR, Valentino, and GIVENCHY have all brought K-pop stars on board as brand ambassadors, capitalizing on the K-pop wave. Amid this booming trend, South Korea’s luxury market has surged, showing an optimistic 8 percent year-on-year growth, projecting sales worth $15 billion in 2022, as per Euromonitor.

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