JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Is An Eclectic Confluence of Innovation and Eccentricity

June 20, 2023
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JW Anderson - Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week

The innovative JW Anderson Spring/Summer 2024 collection triumphantly took center stage, continuing Jonathan Anderson’s tradition of audacious experimentation. From the peculiar to the plush, the collection’s eclectic fusion of clothing and accessories bears the signature daring of its creative director.

When Anderson unveiled the realistic pigeon clutch at his Fall 2022 men’s collection, this lifelike resin accessory, surprisingly met with a blend of intrigue and bemusement, barely registered a mention. Fast forward to today, and this 690-euro objet d’art, one wing serving as a hinged opening, too small even for a standard smartphone, has unexpectedly become the crowning jewel, soaring off the aluminum shelves of JW Anderson’s newly minted boutique in Milan.

Intrigue escalated at his Spring 2024 show for men and Resort for women. Filled with eccentricities like lopsided shorts, asymmetrical sweaters, tops morphing into fuzzy balls of yarn or mops, and slipper-esque shoes resembling oversized feline paws, the collections challenged the norm and stirred conversation among the fashion-conscious. “Anderson is a daring and original designer and his yen for experimentation has added zest to the Milan Fashion Week offering,” echoed the industry insiders.

Celebrities attendees including actors Kit Connor, Asa Butterfield, and Debi Mazar, snugly perched on blue and white benches echoing the stripes of an Original Cornishware teapot— the unique show invitation symbol— experienced this firsthand. The theatrical opening, a symphony of gray rugby shirt paired with lopsided shorts, a peculiar yet intriguing silhouette echoing Christian Dior’s iconic Bar jacket, set the stage for the spectacle to follow.


The Spring/Summer 2024 collection, with knitwear making up nearly three-quarters, steered clear from traditional designs. Anderson reimagined the mundane and quotidian, turning patterns of cardboard moving boxes into flaring, tunic-length tank tops, incorporating padded channels into sleeveless sweaters and tube dresses, and knitting wax cord into sculptural tops with the dense texture of instant noodles. However, amid the unconventional, chic leather coats, cool sweatshirts with triangular cutouts, and elegant shirts with flowing fabric handkerchiefs from the collar served as sartorial palate cleansers.

Anderson’s creative process is a testament to the fact that inspiration can spring from the most unexpected sources. Citing coiled baskets and a ’70s era sofa as the seeds of certain designs, Anderson shared, “These things become subconsciously part of you.” It’s a reminder that even in high fashion, the muse can be as mundane as a pigeon in search of crumbs, or as grandiose as the historical Duomo. In the hands of a designer like Anderson, these inspirations transform into masterpieces that redefine the language of fashion.

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