The JORDANLUCA Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Champions Androgyny And Breakes Boundaries

June 21, 2023
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Jordanluca - Spring-Summer 2024 - Milan Fashion Week
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The JORDANLUCA Spring/Summer 2024 collection marks a fascinating evolution for the dynamic duo of Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto. Signaling an audacious stride into the realm of womenswear, this collection heralds a thrilling new chapter for the brand, seamlessly striking a balance between their acclaimed menswear line and the freshly minted women’s offerings. This bold expansion brings with it an infusion of sensual elegance and a hint of thrilling peril, thereby further fortifying the brand’s identity.

Drawing on a meticulously built foundation in menswear over the past four years, Marchetto stated pre-show, “We felt it was time to explore womenswear.” This venture, far from an impulsive afterthought, has proven a boon to the overall stature and credibility of the brand. The commitment shown towards the womenswear line is not merely reflected in their designs, but also cleverly infiltrates the menswear segment, pushing boundaries of conventional masculinity.

Challenging the norm has been a predominant theme this season, most vividly captured in Milan. From pants adorned with lace inserts to the modern suit reimagined as mini pleated skirts, the collection brims with a sense of daring. The flirtatious femininity also extends to the knitwear selection where exaggerated necklines on sweaters, cardigans, and tank tops artfully highlight the collarbone.

This exploration of femininity is not confined to clothing. Accessories too, bear the mark of this theme, with harnesses designed from soft satin and lace strips offering an intriguing alternative to their traditionally edgy counterparts. These redesigned harnesses create a nuanced visual statement when layered over shirts and coats.


One must not overlook the continuation of last season’s distinct silhouette, the “bulldog” shoulder. This design detail imparts an impression of bulk and forward movement to trench coats and blazer jackets, serving as a metaphor for men’s need to persist with determination amidst challenges. With the addition of the womenswear line, men now metaphorically have the support of fierce women to navigate these hurdles.

The JORDANLUCA Spring/Summer 2024 collection, therefore, is more than just a fashion statement—it’s a celebration of design maturity, a manifesto of gender fluidity, and an embodiment of the brand’s exciting evolution. The collection emerges as a testament to the brand’s dedication to push the envelope and to bring balance and equality into the world of fashion.

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