Johnnie Walker Black Label “Keep Walking City Collection”, when air pollution becomes the support for art!

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Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK

Scotch whisky brand Johnnie Walker, in collaboration with creative agency Bulletproof, is launching an exclusive new series of Black Label bottles called the “Keep Walking City Collection” inspired by major cities around the world.

Noting that Generation Z identifies more with their city than their country, the whisky brand worked closely with creative agency Bulletproof to pay tribute to some of the world’s great cities and their local artists.

The limited edition bottles feature finely executed illustrations by five artists from five different countries, using AIR-INK. Made by Graviky Labs, this very special ink is made from capturing pollution generated by diesel generators, smokestacks and other sources of pollution using a device called Kaalink, derived from the Hindi word kaala, which means black. The carbon is filtered and mixed with other substances, resulting in the final black ink.

Using the white ceramic bottle of each bottle as a canvas, each artist expresses their love for their city through black line patterns, featuring recognizable monuments and other iconography representative of their city.

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For example, Warsaw-based Polish street artist Alek Morawski celebrates the distinctive architecture of Poland’s capital, using his bottle as a map, while Spanish painter and sculptor Okuda San Miguel depicts the culture and nature that spills over into the streets of Madrid. Meanwhile, Gongkan from Bangkok turns to futuristic inspiration by illustrating the power and hope of the next generation. Contemporary Indian artist Shilo Shiv Suleman, meanwhile, turns to the more natural settings of her city, while muralist M. Hure celebrates the diversity of Istanbul’s inhabitants.

Part of this work is really about looking at emergent sustainable technologies that we can begin to introduce into Johnnie Walker,” said Bulletproof associate creative director Rory Harker. “The technology inspired the idea, not the other way around. We loved that it forced us into a black-and-white aesthetic connecting beautifully to Black Label. We also loved that it was ink made of polluted cities, bringing us to the idea of working with artists heavily influenced by the cities they grew up in.”

Johnnie Walker is built on a legacy of making positive, progressive choices and to bring this collection to life we asked artists to shine a light on what makes their city special and inspires people to come together to Keep Walking. We are really thrilled by the unique depictions that have come out of this brief and combined with the AIR-INK partnership it demonstrates the power of combining art and innovation, making this limited edition range a true collectible,” said Johnnie Walker’s Global Brand Director Julie Bramham.

Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK
Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK
Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK
Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK
Johnnie Walker x AIR-INK

Bottles for Warsaw, Bangkok and Madrid from the Johnny Walker “Keep Walking City Collection” have already been launched, and those for Delhi and Istanbul will arrive in the coming months.

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