Former F1 Champ Jenson Button’s Coachbuilt Whisky and Rolls-Royce Unveil Exclusive Collaboration

Together, they have introduced a rare, limited-edition whisky expression that celebrates the artistry and craftsmanship shared by both luxury industries.

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Rolls-Royce x Jenson Button Coachbuilt Whisky

A fusion of speed and sophistication has emerged in the form of an exquisite partnership between Coachbuilt Whisky, co-founded by Formula One champion Jenson Button, and Rolls-Royce

Despite the apparent contrast between the world of premium spirits and high-performance automobiles, Coachbuilt Whisky, founded in 2022 by whisky expert George Koutsakis, and British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce have formed a unique alliance. Jenson Button, a former Formula 1 world champion, lends his star power as the brand ambassador for Coachbuilt Whisky.

Koutsakis emphasizes the similarities between the two worlds, stating on the Coachbuilt website, “Both coachbuilding and whisky blending require numerous components from different producers. Both need extreme skill and expertise to be put together, and both need continuous refining to turn into something beautiful.” The partnership reflects a shared appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship and the desire to create a remarkable product.

Rolls-Royce x Jenson Button Coachbuilt Whisky

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At the heart of this collaboration lies the limited-edition Coachbuilt x Rolls-Royce London 30 Years Old. A blend of malt and grain whisky aged for a minimum of 30 years (some as old as 35), this luxurious expression boasts maturity in sherry casks. Encased in a lavish box adorned with embossed leather, only 300 bottles are available for purchase at £1,500 (approximately $1,800) each. Half will be offered to Rolls-Royce customers, while the remaining bottles will be available through a ballot on the Coachbuilt website.

According to Katsoukis, the alliance between Macallan and Bentley served as an inspiration for this collaboration. He told The Spirits Business, “Rolls-Royce has a history of coachbuilding; they’re an elegant, modern brand. The challenge was finding a whisky good enough to put their name on the bottle, and luckily we got that.” Jenson Button echoed his enthusiasm, remarking on the remarkable progress made in just a year since Coachbuilt’s inception.

For now, this exclusive offering is only available to UK customers. To learn more and potentially secure a bottle for yourself, visit the Coachbuilt website.

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