Jake Gyllenhaal, Ambassador for the PRADA Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign

June 8, 2023
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Jake Gyllenhaal x Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign
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Swooping through the daring interplay of nature and urbanity, the raw and instinctual against the calculated and measured, PRADA Linea Rossa‘s Spring/Summer 2023 campaign stars the Hollywood heavyweight and Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, and narrates a bold tale of style and versatility under the expert lens of Norbert Schoerner.

Schoerner’s images craft a mind-bending fusion of city and countryside, forging an unlikely alliance of landscapes that resonates with the contemporary rhythm of life. The clothing mirrors this amalgamation of realities, infusing inspiration drawn from the body’s natural movement and its intrinsic needs. PRADA Linea Rossa adapts these inspirations into precision-engineered garments constructed from cutting-edge fibres. The line’s aesthetic ethos is carried through graphic device outlined seams and details, predominantly monochrome with striking bursts of fluo orange.

The clever juxtaposition of function and intention is reflected further, showcasing the stark contrast between lightweight outerwear and form-fitting bodysuits and swimsuits, adaptable for any climate or terrain.

Clothing offers a sanctuary for the body, providing shelter and protection. PRADA ventures deeper into this concept for its Spring/Summer 2023 Linea Rossa campaign set, joining forces with OMA to conceptualize a modernist, lightweight urban tent. This geometric structure, composed of multiple facets, is architecturally framed around the signature red lines of Linea Rossa, providing a tangible embodiment of the brand’s values.


In keeping with their enduring partnership, PRADA has chosen Jake Gyllenhaal to represent the PRADA Linea Rossa spring 2023 eyewear campaign. Jake Gyllenhaal, the acclaimed actor and PRADA collaborator since 2021, features in the campaign sporting styles from PRADA’s forward-thinking Impavid eyewear collection. The collection draws inspiration from high-performance sports designs, showcasing innovative lenses designed to enhance colour contrast in dynamic sporting environments.

The campaign imagery sets Gyllenhaal against the backdrop of urban and natural landscapes, demonstrating the versatility of the eyewear collection. Gyllenhaal expresses his admiration for the Prada family, stating, “I love the PRADA team. They are wonderful artists and collaborators, we had a lovely time working together on this campaign. Ever true to the beauty of the brand the new PRADA Linea Rossa eyewear is incredibly designed and expertly crafted.

Jake Gyllenhaal has previously articulated his appreciation for PRADA’s blend of sophistication and avant-garde approach, its continuous endeavour to push boundaries not only in style and fashion but also in technology. PRADA’s pursuit of merging art and science represents the zenith of creation, according to Gyllenhaal, where the fusion of fashion and technology births innovative ideas, new possibilities, and progress.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s collaboration with PRADA and his endorsement of the Linea Rossa Spring 2023 campaign proves his continued dedication to brands that epitomize innovation and creativity, aligning with his previous partnership with Ginori 1735.

The PRADA Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign, with its uncanny merging of the urban and natural, is a testament to Prada’s technological prowess and stylistic audacity. It stands as a vivid portrayal of the brand’s commitment to marrying comfort with style, functionality with avant-garde design. With Jake Gyllenhaal’s charismatic presence and Schoerner’s visionary lens, the campaign stands as a daring exploration of a world where dichotomies blend, and metropolitan fashion evolves, underscoring PRADA Linea Rossa’s identity in the 21st century.

At the heart of the campaign lies PRADA’s Impavid eyewear collection, a celebration of high-performance sports design. With an innovative focus on lenses that elevate color contrast in sports environments, the collection embraces both the natural and urban landscapes it boldly inhabits. In an era of blurred lines between work and play, indoors and outdoors, Prada’s Impavid eyewear collection sets a benchmark for versatile fashion accessories.

PRADA’s continued partnership with Gyllenhaal marks a testament to the actor’s affinity for the brand’s unique blend of technological innovation and stylish aesthetics. Ever since Jake Gyllenhaal was first chosen as the face of PRADA Luna Rossa Ocean, the brand’s new men’s fragrance in 2021, he has been a fitting ambassador for the design house’s ground-breaking initiatives.

The Linea Rossa Spring 2023 campaign, featuring an OMA-designed urban tent as a set, strikes a chord with the modern urbanite. Its multifaceted, geometric design, an ode to the brand’s signature red lines, reinforces PRADA’s vision of clothing as a protective shelter. The campaign, thus, becomes a unique narrative that illustrates how metropolitan clothing adapts and evolves to reflect the pulse of contemporary life.

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Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign
Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign
Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign
Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign
Prada Linea Rossa Spring 2023 Campaign

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