HUGO BOSS Gallops Ahead with “BOSS Equestrian” Debut

September 5, 2023
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HUGO BOSS Gallops Ahead with BOSS Equestrian Debut

Elevating style on horseback, the HUGO BOSS brand unveils its premium equestrian apparel line “BOSS Equestrian” this Fall/Winter 2023, merging high-fashion with equestrian elegance.

Bold Equestrian Ltd., the maestro behind the conception, has collaborated with the iconic fashion house to produce a line that isn’t just chic; it’s a marriage of form and function.

Hailing from a lineage of premium apparel that embodies urban sophistication, HUGO BOSS’s venture into the equestrian realm is groundbreaking. This partnership sees Bold Equestrian Ltd. curating an equestrian line that speaks the language of style, while ensuring the utility vital for both professional equestrians and fashion aficionados. Available from September 15 on and select premium storefronts worldwide, “BOSS Equestrian” is set to redefine how riders present themselves both in the saddle and on the boulevard.

HUGO BOSS Gallops Ahead with BOSS Equestrian Debut

The inaugural collection showcases lifestyle fashion and equestrian apparel tailored for both genders. It prioritizes three quintessential elements – functionality, fit, and unsurpassed quality. Grounding the collection are BOSS‘s signature shades: black, white, and the timeless camel. But fashion enthusiasts, fear not. The Spring/Summer 2024 lineup promises a splash of hues to capture the vibrancy of the seasons.

Daniel Grieder, the CEO of HUGO BOSS, echoes the sentiment of anticipation. He shared, “With the 24/7 lifestyle approach of BOSS, we are further expanding the brand’s product range into iconic lifestyle areas that fit its premium positioning. The new BOSS Equestrian license strengthens our sports offering while increasing the brand’s visibility and relevance for female customers and male equestrian fans alike. With Bold Equestrian, we have found the right partner, with an experienced team, to enter the equestrian business and unlock the potential of BOSS in this exciting segment.”

HUGO BOSS Gallops Ahead with BOSS Equestrian Debut

But what’s a launch without a splash? To commemorate this illustrious merger, “BOSS Equestrian” is harnessing the star power of Olympic athletes and equestrian influencers. Their roles as brand ambassadors aren’t mere titles; they’re a testament to their journey. Symbolizing the BOSS spirit, they will take “BOSS Equestrian” to pinnacle equestrian events, proof that with “BOSS Equestrian,” ruling the arena and fashion streets is no longer a dream.

One may wonder, why equestrian? The connection lies in the shared values of discipline, grace, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence between HUGO BOSS and equestrianism. HUGO BOSS’s legacy as a leading light in the premium global apparel market, boasting collections in 132 countries, and Bold Equestrian’s deep-seated experience in the equestrian clothing realm, makes this collaboration not just intuitive, but revolutionary.

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