Watches and Wonders 2023 – The ultimate fusion: Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

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Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

Welcome to a new era of watchmaking, where Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon, recently unveiled at Watches and Wonders 2023 in Geneva, redefines the traditional norms of haute horlogerie. This limited-edition masterpiece blends high technology, avant-garde spirit, and material fusion to create an exquisite timepiece that is both ultralight and resilient.

A Marriage of Tradition and Innovation

The Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon is a testament to Hublot‘s two-decade-long commitment to material fusion, which expands beyond the use of materials and encompasses concepts, colors, alloys, techniques, and aesthetics. Limited to just 50 pieces, this exceptional timepiece represents the best of both traditional high watchmaking and Hublot’s innovative spirit.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

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Incorporating the prestigious tourbillon complication and a 100% manufactured, skeletonized micro-rotor that provides a three-day power reserve, the timepiece elevates these features to the realm of true complications. The tourbillon is also skeletonized and suspended, integrated within a plate that boasts transparent sapphire bridges.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

Redefining the Integrated Bracelet

The integrated bracelet, made of ultralight and resistant carbon fiber and Texalium, is a marvel in its own right. Weighing a mere 26 grams, it is one of the lightest articulated bracelets available today. The bracelet’s links, exclusively designed for this model, are individually machined and finished, achieving a perfect surface finish despite the challenges of working with composite materials.

The Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Texalium-Carbon embodies Hublot’s mastery of materials, namely carbon fiber and Texalium. By fusing tradition and innovation, we have succeeded in creating a tourbillon movement housed in a carbon fiber and Texalium case, offering incredible resistance for a weight of only 68 grams, all with a perfectly integrated bracelet of absolute comfort. This is how we redefine the rules of contemporary watchmaking: by offering unique and innovative materials and designs.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot
Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

Material Fusion for a Serene Future

The watch’s 43mm carbon fiber case delivers both resistance and ultra-lightness. With the watch head (excluding the bracelet) weighing just 42 grams, Hublot has firmly dismissed the notion that a robust watch must be heavy. To ensure lasting durability, the timepiece is dressed in Texalium, a fusion of fiberglass and a thin layer of aluminum, offering both shock and scratch resistance without compromising on lightness.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

Aesthetic and Technical Harmony

As a 100% integrated Manufacture, Hublot enjoys complete freedom in designing and producing every element of the Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon in-house. This enables the perfect harmony of aesthetics and technique, exemplified by the exclusive back plate with a honeycomb structure that allows light to penetrate the heart of the HUB6035 Manufacture caliber, echoing the braided spirit of carbon fiber and Texalium.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon
Hublot Big Bang Integrated Tourbillon Full Carbon

Priced at €132,000 or $127,000 USD, each individually numbered timepiece features the iconic attributes of the Big Bang collection, including a crown with a rubber insert, lateral protection ears for the case, six emblematic functional screws on the bezel, and anti-reflective double sapphire glass on both the face and back.

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