Dreamy Horizons Await with Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur for Only Watch 2023

September 4, 2023
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Dreamy Horizons Await with Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur for Only Watch 2023
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An enchanting journey is set in motion, one that weaves the wonder of imaginative worlds with the craftsmanship of timekeeping. We find ourselves embarking on this journey with the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur, the luminary piece of Only Watch 2023. This masterpiece not only resonates with the timeless charm of Hermès but also beckons us to voyage through its unique universe of brilliant hues.

An expedition through time, the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur, is an epitome of the spirit of wanderlust intertwined with Hermès’ legacy. The inspiration behind this timepiece is none other than the Arceau line, conceptualized by Henri d’Origny in 1978. It’s not just a watch; it’s an embodiment of the quintessential Hermès ethos of travel. Enveloped in platinum with a tantalizing black DLC titanium bezel, it offers a world view that is unparalleled in its creativity.

Dreamy Horizons Await with Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur for Only Watch 2023

Gravitating across continents, the timepiece boasts a mesmerizing gravitational counter. This feature, a tribute to the artistry of Jérôme Colliard, revolves over an ethereal map extracted from the Planisphere d’un monde équestre silk scarf. Its essence lies in the metamorphosis it undergoes as it floats over varying time zones, unveiling realms within realms, leading wearers through an odyssey within the cosmos of Hermès.

The vivid backdrop of midnight black is juxtaposed brilliantly against the elaborate display of continents, oceans, and meridians. These intricate motifs are brought to life through an array of delicate finishes such as lacquering, silver transfers, and powdered silver nuances. Hermès breaks boundaries with the avant-garde “travelling time” mechanism, an exclusive development for the brand. This haute horlogerie marvel manifests 24 time zones via a circular disc, powered by the Hermès H1837 mechanical self-winding movement.

Dreamy Horizons Await with Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur for Only Watch 2023

Only Watch, celebrating its tenth rendition, finds the Arceau watch draped in its signature hues – red, blue, green, and yellow. These shades seamlessly merge with Hermès‘ iconic orange, casting a spectacular spectrum on the cities disk. The pièce de résistance is undeniably the Mykonos blue alligator strap adorned with a cactus green lining. This choice, birthed in the cradle of the Hermès Horloger workshops, elevates the allure of this unparalleled timepiece.

Craftsmanship, legacy, and imagination are harmoniously intertwined in this masterpiece,” remarks an esteemed connoisseur of timepieces. And truly, from its platinum lugs to the intricate detailing of its dial, the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur exemplifies this harmonization.

Dreamy Horizons Await with Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur for Only Watch 2023
CASECircular, boasting a diameter of 41mm.
Crafted from platinum lugs and caseback coupled with DLC-coated titanium.
Furnished with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and caseback, promising water resistance up to 3 bar.
DIALMirroring the exquisite design by Jérôme Colliard, it is accentuated by a blue-lacquered mobile counter and sparkling silver-toned Arabic numerals.
Detailed with galvanised dial, laser-engraved oceans, and anthracite gray meridians, it is a testament to precision.
MOVEMENTIt thrives on the Manufacture Hermès H1837 movement, which is self-winding and meticulously crafted in Switzerland.
MODULEA standout “Travelling Time” module with a diameter of 32.7 mm and an intricate construction of 122 components.
FUNCTIONSThis masterpiece offers the dual delights of hours and minutes, accompanied by a dual-time display with city indications.
STRAPA stunning Matt Mykonos blue alligator strap complements the timepiece.

To behold the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Voyageur is to be enticed into a world where artistry, legacy, and the spirit of exploration merge, creating an ode to the brilliance of timekeeping.

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