Harlem’s Fashion Row Heralds Peanuts Worldwide Legacy with Franklin Tribute

August 15, 2023
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Harlem’s Fashion Row Heralds Peanuts Worldwide Legacy with Franklin Tribute
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In a world where diversity and representation remain crucial, Peanuts Worldwide, in collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row, invites us to a nostalgic journey celebrating “Franklin,” the beloved Black character from the iconic comic strip. This collaborative tribute is not only a nod to Franklin’s timeless charm but a testament to how fashion intertwines with history.

Introduced in 1968 following the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin was an embodiment of hope and change. This bold addition was spurred by a heartfelt letter from Harriet Glickman, prompting the creator Charles Schulz to introduce a character of color during tumultuous times. Despite concerns of potential backlash and accusations of tokenism, Schulz was unwavering. And when his syndicate hesitated, fearing protests from newspapers, Schulz made a stand: Franklin would remain, or he would leave the comic strip altogether.

This steadfast dedication to inclusion is mirrored in the modern collaboration between Peanuts Worldwide and Harlem’s Fashion Row. Melissa Menta, Senior Vice President of Peanuts Worldwide, radiated pride as she adorned a Marc Jacobs-designed Snoopy pendant, showcasing the intertwining of the classic with the contemporary.

With a rich history spanning over 18,000 strips and 50 years, Peanuts has transcended generations. The character Franklin, given the surname “Armstrong” in the ’90s, is no exception. Evidently, when Franklin-themed merchandise hits the shelves, it’s met with unparalleled enthusiasm, a testament to his endearing appeal.


Nigeria Ealey, founder of Tier Inc. and a vital collaborator in this venture, brings a unique perspective. Holding a treasure trove of Peanuts collectibles, Ealey remarked on Franklin’s lasting impact. Emphasizing the character’s relevance and representation even before his own time, Ealey celebrates the ongoing love and allure of Franklin.

Six distinct items from the HFR x Peanuts capsule collection, designed by Ealey, elegantly encapsulate this legacy. Among them, the varsity jacket and a dress imprinted with comic strips stand out, showcasing the timeless appeal of Peanuts blended with contemporary fashion.

Marrying history, authenticity, and Schulz’s vision, collaborations with entities like HFR Tier, The Armstrong Project, and even LaPierre Cosmetics—known for their Franklin-inspired nail polish—echo the commitment to celebrate Franklin genuinely and historically.

Today, Franklin’s significance continues to soar. From debates surrounding his portrayal in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” to the anticipated Apple TV+ special “Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin”, he remains at the heart of conversations about representation.

A statue of Franklin, gracing Piner High School in Santa Rosa, California—the very city Schulz called home and where the Charles M. Schulz Museum stands—is a testament to the character’s undying legacy.

Fashion, in its essence, often narrates stories of history, culture, and change. Through the Peanuts Worldwide and Harlem’s Fashion Row collaboration, the tale of Franklin—an icon of representation and resilience—gets woven into the fabric of modern fashion. And as history has shown, Franklin’s legacy is not merely about a character in a comic strip, but a testament to the undying spirit of inclusivity and change.

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