Google’s Own Store Leeks the Pixel 8 Pro Ahead of Official Launch

August 31, 2023
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Google's Own Store Leeks the Pixel 8 Pro Ahead of Official Launch
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In what seems to be another chapter in Google‘s saga of prematurely revealing their own devices, the tech giant inadvertently showcased their highly-anticipated Pixel 8 Pro on their online store. Even before its official release, the glimpse of this flagship has sent ripples through the tech community.

Gaining traction via a tweet by @Android_Setting, the Google Store page was found to be portraying a crisp image of a man engrossed in a call on the Pixel 8 Pro, specifically in the Porcelain variant. This shade, as discerned from the image’s alternative text, is the gleaming white hue designated for the smartphone. Nestled on the man’s wrist, we also get a glance at what appears to be the Pixel Watch 2. Interestingly, the design looks noticeably slender when compared to its predecessor, which aligns with the whispers we’ve heard in tech circles.

While many have already come across leaks of the device, this inadvertent revelation from Google offers more than just visual validation. The design does echo its predecessor, the Pixel 7 Pro, but keen eyes will spot nuanced differences. The rear camera configuration is particularly intriguing. Housed in a singular “pill” design, it discards the separated punches we’ve grown accustomed to. And it isn’t just aesthetics; the tech within has had a revamp. Google seems to be betting big on camera quality, integrating a 50 MP Samsung GN2 main sensor, complemented by a 64 MP IMX787 ultra-wide lens and a 48 MP GM5 periscope boasting a 5X optical zoom.

But it’s not all about the camera. Nestled below the flash lies a groundbreaking addition: a temperature sensor. While seemingly unassuming, this feature could redefine the smartphone experience. Envision swapping out your thermometer for your Pixel, gauging the warmth of a cup of coffee, or swiftly checking your fever. A seamless blend of convenience and innovation.


Given the legacy of the Pixel series and the continuous leaks, one could argue Google might just be its own biggest spoiler. But whether it’s a clever marketing ploy or a genuine slip-up, it has undoubtedly stirred interest. The Pixel 8 Pro, with its amalgamation of advanced tech and innovative features, seems poised to set a new benchmark in the world of smartphones.

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