G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN: A Splash of Nostalgia in Bright Yellow

July 19, 2023
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We celebrate two milestones in the dynamic partnership of G-SHOCK and FROGMAN with the unveiling of the G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN model.

Dressed in a vibrant and reminiscent yellow hue, this special edition serves as an emblematic tribute to the 40th anniversary of G-SHOCK and the 30th anniversary of the FROGMAN diving line. This timepiece comes as a testament to the enduring legacy and shared journey of these iconic models, creating a new ripple in the vast sea of horological innovation.


Few models have the iconic appeal of the shock-resistant FROGMAN, recognized globally for its unique asymmetric shape and reliable functionality. To coincide with the 30-year mark of this stalwart model, G-SHOCK takes a dive into nostalgia with the MRG-BF1000E. A reincarnation of the MRG-BF1000R, this newest edition is offered in a color that echoes the original yellow of the first FROGMAN.

The durability and versatility of this limited edition timepiece, with only 700 pieces available worldwide, are second to none. Included in the package is an interchangeable titanium strap and a specific tool for strap adjustments. The vibrantly yellow Dura Soft fluorine rubber strap resists stains and hydrolysis, with the suppleness to ensure a snug fit on the wrist. For those who prefer a metallic touch, the titanium strap, crafted through meticulous processes of deep hardening and diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, offers a sophisticated and robust alternative. Moreover, its extendable feature makes it possible to wear over a diving suit, demonstrating G-SHOCK’s commitment to user convenience.


The MRG-BF1000E-1A9D represents a new milestone in diving watches with its fully titanium exterior. Crafted from rust-resistant and lightweight titanium, its exterior boasts over 70 components, including the case, bezel, crown, buttons, and screws, making for an intricate but coherent whole. The structure offers advanced protection to the dial through fluorine rubber buffers, located between the bezel and the case. The meticulous hardening and DLC coating procedures provide enhanced strength and resistance to abrasion, attesting to G-SHOCK’s meticulousness and dedication to quality. A screw-down crown and case back further ensure waterproofness and diving resistance, demonstrating the model’s excellent functional design.


Adding an innovative touch to its functionality, the hour and minute hands of the MRG-BF1000E-1A9D overlap to form a single hand in diving mode. The watch’s triple dual-coil motors enable users to quickly switch between current time and diving time display, illustrating G-SHOCK’s dedication to efficient and practical designs.

This dual anniversary release is housed in packaging adorned with the logos of G-SHOCK’s 40th and FROGMAN’s 30th anniversaries. The MR-G FROGMAN is not merely a watch; it is a collectible tribute to two remarkable horological stories that have interwoven over decades.


The G-SHOCK MR-G FROGMAN is available for pre-order online for €6,400 at gshock.casio.com, at the G-SHOCK Store Paris, and through registration with CASIO ID starting from the 26th of July.

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