Fursac x Jacques Tati: A Timeless Tribute to Iconic Cinema

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Fursac x Jacques Tati

The Fursac x Jacques Tati capsule collection pays homage to the legendary cinematic universe of Jacques Tati, breathing new life into the iconic Monsieur Hulot character.

This collaboration brings together fashion and film, while preserving the rich heritage of French cinema for future generations.

The Fursac x Jacques Tati collaboration stems from a creative partnership between Gauthier Borsarello, Fursac‘s creative director, and Louise Deschamps, Tati’s grand-niece and director of the Jacques Tati film catalog. Through their shared passion for Tati’s work, they sought to translate the whimsical charm of his films into a unique and playful collection, designed for both cinephiles and aesthetes alike.

Fursac x Jacques Tati

Drawing inspiration from Tati’s most iconic films – “Playtime,” (1967) “Jour de Fête,” (1949) “Mon Oncle,” (1958) and “Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot” (1953) – the collection consists of eight meticulously designed pieces. Among these are a beige gabardine trench coat featuring a “Playtime” printed lining, three message-emblazoned t-shirts, a hat adorned with the “Jour de Fête” (” poster, Scottish thread striped socks, a “Mon Oncle” poster-printed tote bag, and a leather keychain available in four emblematic colors and patterns.

Fursac x Jacques Tati

Louise Deschamps highlights the importance of this collaboration, saying, “Fashion allows us to transmit the taste for heritage cinema to younger generations. These films that we have been restoring for several years cannot, must not fall into oblivion.” She continues, “I immediately embraced the project because, in talking with Gauthier, I sensed the same demand, the same desire to put beauty at the service of everyone that Jacques Tati had.”

For Gauthier Borsarello, the creative force behind the collection, the timeless appeal of Jacques Tati and Monsieur Hulot has been a lifelong fascination. He explains, “I discovered cinema with Jacques Tati and Monsieur Hulot. I was fascinated, as a child and still am today, by the character’s appearance.” He adds, “I love the fact that he adjusted his pants, cut his trench, and embroidered his own woolen socks. I especially love this way of diverting, transforming the functional into masculine elegance. These are principles that I apply to the Fursac wardrobe and that I push through these special editions.

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Fursac x Jacques Tati

The Fursac x Jacques Tati collection is available for purchase in selected boutiques and on Fursac.com, offering a contemporary take on the classic charm of Monsieur Hulot and the imaginative world of Jacques Tati.

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