Fursac Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, When Maritime Serenity Meets Sartorial Sophistication

July 7, 2023
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Fursac - Spring-Summer 2024 - Paris Fashion Week Men's
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At the helm of the renowned fashion house Fursac, Gauthier Borsarello continues to masterfully navigate the tides of haute couture, drawing artistic sustenance from France’s rich geographical tapestry. This season, with his Fursac Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Borsarello embarks on a stylistic voyage to Brittany – a region that shares ties with his ancestral roots.

Picture the raw, salty ocean winds buffeting the rugged Breton coast. Now, imagine these raw elements juxtaposed with the refinement of Parisian tailoring. This intriguing blend of nature and sophistication is the essence of Borsarello’s creative vision. His choice to rework the double-breasted style in pastel blue and lemon yellow, alongside traditional tones, resonates with the seasonal dynamism of Brittany.

Embracing the seafaring traditions of Brittany, Borsarello pays homage to local heritage with sailor striped polo necks, sailing jackets, and kilts designed for the modern wardrobe. These elements, married with cotton suiting adorned with rope and knot prints, punctuate the collection. Yet, the fabrics remain crisp and unbleached – reflecting the designer’s commitment to unfiltered authenticity.

Borsarello dismisses the notion of pre-aged clothing, favoring instead pieces that “look like new money.” This preference stems from his desire for garments that evolve with the wearer. He envisions the Fursac Spring/Summer 2024 collection not as a fleeting trend, but as enduring companions to their owners. “I like thinking of clothes that will take on their own patina, when they mold around you,” Borsarello muses, invoking images of stars who have been photographed over decades in the same beloved attire.


This season’s collection exudes a playful nostalgia, leaning heavily into the ‘60s and ‘80s – decades Borsarello perceives as the golden era of French fashion. He believes it was a time when French style struck the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, before the American influence took over. The blend of fun and sophistication in the Fursac Spring/Summer 2024 collection adds a spirited character to the label, keeping it tantalizingly fresh without losing its timeless appeal.

Ultimately, Borsarello’s latest work redefines the boundaries of accessible luxury, balancing the scales between avant-garde creativity and wearability. In doing so, he not only repositions Fursac within the SMCP group stable but also transforms the label into a voyage of discovery that reflects the depth and diversity of French culture.

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